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Electrical measurement, signal processing, and displays
Principles and applications in engineering series
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Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2004


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The CRC Principles and Applications in Engineering series is a library of convenient, economical references sharply focused on particular engineering topics and subspecialties. Each volume in the series comprises chapters carefully selected from CRC's bestselling handbooks, logically organized for optimum convenience, and thoughtfully priced to fit every budget.

Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays describes the use of instruments and techniques for practical measurement of electromagnetic variables, signal processing equipment and parameters, and various types of displays, from cathode ray tubes to LED devices. For this volume, chapters relevant to these topics were culled from the bestselling Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook and revised by their original authors to bring them thoroughly up to date.

This is a concise, well-illustrated, and highly practical reference. It sets forth the principles, formulas, and equations engineers and scientists need for solving the instrumentation and measurement questions they encounter in practice, particularly when problems arise in areas outside their own specialties.

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Webster\, John G.

Table of Contents

Alessandro Ferrero and Jerry Murphy and Cipriano Bartoletti and Luca Podesta and Giancarlo SacerdotiDouglas P. McNuttPasquale Arpaia and Francesco Avallone and Aldo Baccigalupi and Claudio De Capua and Carmine LandiMichaet Z. LowensteinPeter O'SheaArnaldo Brandolini and Alessandro GandelliMichael B. HeaneySaps Buchman and John Mester and Timothy J. SumnerHalit Eren and James GohDevendra K. MisraDavid A. Hill and Motohisa KandaSteven A. MacintyreJeff P. Anderson and Richard J. BlotzerMichat SzyperAchim DreherAlbert D. HelfrickMichael F. Toner and Gordon W. RobertsW. Marshall Leach, Jr.A. Dehe and K. Beilenhoff and K. Fricke and H. Klingbeil and V. Krozer and H. L. HartnagelRamon Pallas-ArenyDavid M. BeamsRahman Jamal and Robert SteerRonney B. Panerai and A. Ambrosini and C. Bortolotti and N. D'Amico and G. Grueff and S. Mariotti and S. Montebugnoli and A. Orfei and G. TomassettiPeter H. Sydenham and Rodney PrattE.B. LoewensteinA.M. MacLeod and P.F. Martin and W.A. GillespieAlbert Lozano-NietoRobert M. CrovellaDaryl Gerke and William Kimmel and Jeffrey P. MillsSteven A. Murray and Barrett S. CaldwellChristopher J. ShermanKalluri R. SarmaRobert T. McGrath and Ramanapathy Veerasingam and William C. Moffatt and Robert B. CampbellWilliam A. BarrowMohammad A. KarimHerman Vermarien and Edward McConnell and Yufeng Li
Section I Electromagnetic Variables Measurement
1 Voltage Measurementp. 1
2 Current Measurementp. 2
3 Power Measurementp. 3
4 Power Factor Measurementp. 4
5 Phase Measurementp. 5
6 Energy Measurementp. 6
7 Electrical Conductivity and Resistivityp. 7
8 Charge Measurementp. 8
9 Capacitance and Capacitance Measurementsp. 9
10 Permittivity Measurementp. 10
11 Electric Field Strengthp. 11
12 Magnetic Field Measurementp. 12
13 Permeability and Hysteresis Measurementp. 13
14 Inductance Measurementp. 14
15 Immittance Measurementp. 15
16 Q Factor Measurementp. 16
17 Distortion Measurementp. 17
18 Noise Measurementp. 18
19 Microwave Measurementp. 19
Section II Signal Processing
20 Amplifiers and Signal Conditionersp. 20
21 Modulationp. 21
22 Filtersp. 22
23 Spectrum Analysis and Correlationp. 23
24 Applied Intelligence Processingp. 24
25 Analog-to-Digital Convertersp. 25
26 Computersp. 26
27 Telemetryp. 27
28 Sensor Networks and Communicationp. 28
29 Electromagnetic Compatibilityp. 29
Section III Displays
30 Human Factors in Displaysp. 30
31 Cathode Ray Tube Displaysp. 31
32 Liquid Crystal Displaysp. 32
33 Plasma-Driven Flat Panel Displaysp. 33
34 Electroluminescent Displaysp. 34
35 Light-Emitting Diode Displaysp. 35
36 Reading/Recording Devicesp. 36
Indexp. I