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Adhesives from renewable resources
ACS symposium series ; 385
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Washington, DC.: American Chemical Society, 1989


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30000001621055 TA967 .A54 1989 Open Access Book Proceedings, Conference, Workshop etc.

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Provides an up-to-date source of information from the leading world authorities on the use of lignins, tannins, carbohydrates, terpenes and proteins in adhesive formulations. Examines new alternatives based on the renewable resources that are available. Covers a broad range of natural productsdirected to a wide variety of bonding applications, from tire cords to eye surgery. Also addresses opportunities for future development of adhesives from renewable resources.

Author Notes

Richard W. Hemingway is at U.S. Department of Agriculture. Anthony H. Conner is at U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Table of Contents

Adhesives from Renewable Resources: Historical Perspective and Wood Industry
Needs Lignin in Adhesives: Introduction and Historical Perspective
Search for Lignin Condensation Reactions with Modern NMR Techniques
Cross-Linking Options for Lignins
Modification of Lignins for Use in Phenolic Resins
Adhesive Feedstocks from Lignin: Mechanistic Studies on the Oxidative-Cleavage
Reaction of Some Lignin Model Compounds
Soda Bagasse Lignin Adhesives for Particleboard: Preliminary Results
Effects of Phenol-Formaldehyde Copolymer on Gluebond Performance of Lignin-Phenolic Resin Systems
Durable Wood Adhesives from Kraft Lignin
Room-Temperature Curing Adhesives Based on Lignin and Phenoloxidases
Biomass Pyrolysis Oil Feedstocks for Phenolic Adhesives
Condensed Tannins in Adhesives: Introduction and Historical Perspectives
Viscosity and Formaldehyde Consumption of Procyanidin Solutions
Reactions of Tannin Model Compounds with Methylolphenols
Tannin-Based Adhesives for Finger-Jointing Wood
Activation of Some Condensed Tannins via Facile Ring Isomerizations: Potential
Adhesive Applications
Modification of Diisocyanate-Based Particleboard and Plywood Glues with Natural
Polymers: Polyphenols, Carbohydrates, and Proteins
Condensed Tannins as Substitutes for Resorcinol in Bonding Polyester and Nylon
Cord to Rubber
Research vs. Industrial Practice with Tannin-Based Adhesives
Carbohydrates in Adhesives: Introduction and Historical Perspective
Cellulosic Adhesives
Utilization of Soda Bagasse Hemicellulose as Corrugated Board Adhesives
Starch- and Dextrin-Based Adhesives
Cullulose Graft Copolymers for Potential Adhesive Applications: Bonding of Plastics to Wood
Carbohydrate-Modified Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins Formulated as Neutral Conditions
Glucose, Urea, and Phenol-Based Adhesive for Bonding Wood
Fast-Curing Carbohydrate-Based Adhesives
Thermosetting Adhesive Resins from Whey and Whey Byproducts
Chemistry of Furan Polymers
Polyurethanes from Renewable Resourses
Blood and Casein Adhesives for Bonding Wood
Development of a Microbial System for Production of Mussel Adhesive Protein
Adhesives from Marine Mussels
Opportunities for Future Development of Adhesives from Renewable Resources
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