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Microelectronics failure analysis : desk reference
5th ed.
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Materials Park, OH : ASM International, 2004
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1v + 1 CD-ROM
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30000010115519 TK7874.58 M52 2004 Open Access Book Book
30000010115520 TK7874.58 M52 2004 Open Access Book Book

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For newcomers cast into the waters to sink or swim as well as seasoned professionals who want authoritative guidance desk-side, this hefty volume updates the previous (1999) edition. It contains the work of expert contributors who rallied to the job in response to a committee's call for help (the committee was assigned to the update by the Electron

Table of Contents

Charles F. HawkinsM. Steven FerrierMichael Lane and Roger Bjork and Jeff BirdsleySridhar Canumalla and Puligandla ViswanadhamRajen DiasJ.H. Lee and Y.S. Huang and D.H. SDaniel L. Barton and Edward I. Cole, Jr. and Karoline Bernhard-HoferWilliam EslingerTed Lundquist and Mark ThompsonNicholas AntoniouD. WilsonDouglas McCormacJerry Soden and Jaume Segura and Charles F. HawkinsSteve FrankAnne Gattiker and Phil Nigh and Thomas VogelsGreg Crowell and Ron PressCary A. GloorB. Engel and K. BarthMary Ann Nailos and Dan Stein and Victor HernandezHsichang Liu and Jerry Nuzback and Robert DineenHsichang Liu and Thomas A. WassickChris Putnam and Mujahid Muhammad and Robert Gauthier and Kiran Chatty and Min Woo and Mahmoud MousaFranco Stellari and Peilin Song and Alan J. Weger and Moyra K. McManus and Robert Gauthier and Pia SandaJeremy A. Walraven and Bradley A. Waterson and Ingrid De WolfStan SilvusRobert W. HerrickSteve WangSteve WangCheryl D. Hartfield and Thomas M. MooreD. SmolyanskyL.A. Knauss and S.I. Woods and A. OrozcoS. Perungulam and K.S. WillsCharles Odegard and Becky Holdford and Cheng Chiu and Roger Stierman and Marvin Cowens and Nancy OtaZhaofeng Wang and Lars Wagner and Chuan CheahSusan Xia LiJianbai Zhu and Ray HarrisonGary ShadeChristian BoitD. VallettDaniel L. Barton and Paiboon TangyunyongO. Breitstein and J.P. Rakotoniaina and F. Altmann and T. Riediger and O. SchreerEdward I. Cole, JrF. Beaudoin and R. Desplats and P. Perdu and C. BoitSiva KolachinaZ. Gemmill and L. Durbha and S. Jacobson and G. Gao and K. WeaverJohn T.L. ThongKendall Scott Wills and Srikanth PerungulamA. Crockett and M. Almoustafa and W. VanderlindeB. Engel and E. Levine and J. Petrus and A. ShoreS. Roberts and D. FlatoffSeth Prejean and Brennan Davis and Lowell Herlinger and Richard Johnson and Renee Parente and Mike SantanaHuixian Wu and James CargoNorman J. ArmendarizC. HillmanJohn McDonaldW. VanderlindeW. VanderlindeKultaransingh (Bobby) HooghanSwaminathan Subramanian and Raghaw S. Rai and Sandeep Bagchi and Vidya S. KaushikJ. Colvin and K. JarauschW. VanderlindeJuergen Scherer and Patrick Schnabel and Kenton ChildsGary Mount and Yung Liou and Han-Chung ChienTheodore A. DellinDavid L. BurgessWilliam NgTed Hasegawa and Jerry SodenLawrence C. WagnerRajen Dias and Rama Goruganthu and Deepak Goyal and Cheryl Hartfield and Doug Hunt and Dick McClelland and Jim Cargo and Gay Samuelson and Roger StiermanChristopher L. HendersonC. Boit and K. Scholtens and R. Weiland and S. Gorlich and D. SchlenkerRichard J. RossChristopher L. HendersonRyan OngT. HasegawaRyan Ong
Chapter 1 Introduction
Forewordp. x
The Microelectronics Desk Referencep. xi
Chapter 2 Failure Analysis Process Flow
The Failure Analysis Processp. 1
System Level Failure Analysis Process: Making Failure Analysis a Value Add Proposition in today's High Speed, Low Cost PC environmentp. 15
Board Level Failure Mechanisms and Analysis in Hand-held Electronic Productsp. 22
Failure Analysis Flow for Package Failurep. 33
Wafer Level Failure Analysis Process Flowp. 39
Flip-Chip and "Backside" Sample Preparation Techniquesp. 42
Failure Analysis in a Fabless/Outsourced Worldp. 49
Circuit Edit at First Siliconp. 58
The Process of Editing Circuits Through the Bulk Siliconp. 71
Chapter 3 Failure Verification
Curve Tracer Data Interpretation for Failure Analysisp. 76
A Primer on Simple Device Problems and Curve Tracer Characteristicsp. 86
Electronics and Failure Analysisp. 89
Analog Device and Circuit Characterizationp. 110
IC Testing: Background, Directions and Opportunities for Failure Analysisp. 122
Using Scan Based Techniques for Fault Isolation in Logic Devicesp. 132
Chapter 4 Failure Mode - Failure Classifications
The Power of Semiconductor Memory Failure Signature Analysisp. 139
Common Defects Encountered During Semiconductor Manufacturingp. 146
System Level Board Fabrication and Assembly Process anomalies and Associated Failure Categoriesp. 152
Characterization of Anomalies in Flip-Chip Solder Joins in Ceramic Packagingp. 157
Identification of Latent Defects in Advanced Glass Ceramic MCM Packagingp. 162
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Latchup Failures in Advanced CMOS Technologiesp. 167
Electrical and Optical Characterization of Latchupp. 174
Chapter 5 Special Devices
Failure Analysis of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)p. 193
Failure Analysis of Passive Componentsp. 219
Failure Analysis and Reliability of Optoelectronic Devicesp. 229
Fault Localization - Package Level
Chapter 6 Non-Destructive Analysis Techniques
Die-level Fault Localization with X-ray Microscopyp. 253
X-ray Microtomography Tools for Advanced IC Packaging Failure Analysisp. 260
Acoustic Microscopy of Semiconductor Packagesp. 268
Electronic Package Fault Isolation Using TDRp. 289
Current Imaging using Magnetic Field Sensorsp. 303
Fault Localization - Die Level
Chapter 7 Depackaging
Chip access techniquesp. 312
Low Stress FA Sample Preparation of Flip Chip Devices with Low-K Dielectric Interconnect Layersp. 323
Plastic BGA Module FA Process Flow Developmentp. 329
Chip-Scale Packages and Their Failure Analysis Challengesp. 332
Backside Analysis Using Re-Package Techniquesp. 341
Chapter 8 Photon Emission (Electroluminescence) Localization Techniques
Photon Emission Microscopyp. 347
Fundamentals of Photon Emission (PEM) in Silicon - Electroluminescence for, Analysis of Electronic Circuit and Device Functionalityp. 356
Picosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis - PICAp. 369
Chapter 9 Microthermography
Thermal Defect Detection Techniquesp. 378
Thermal Failure Analysis by IR Lock-in Thermographyp. 398
Chapter 10 Laser and Particle Beam-Based Localization Techniques
Beam-Based Defect Localization Methodsp. 406
Principles of Thermal Laser Stimulation Techniquesp. 417
Introduction to Laser Voltage Probing (LVP) of Integrated Circuitsp. 426
SEM and FIB Passive Voltage Contrastp. 431
Electron Beam Probingp. 438
Deprocessing and Imaging Techniques
Chapter 11 Deprocessing
Delayering Techniques: Dry Processes, Wet Chemical Processing and Parallel Lappingp. 444
Plasma Delayering of Intergrated Circuitsp. 464
The Art of Cross Sectioningp. 473
Delineation Etching of Semiconductor Cross Sectionsp. 493
Special Techniques for Backside Deprocessingp. 496
Deprocessing Techniques for Copper, Low K, and SOI Devicesp. 501
PCB SMT Solder Joint Failure Analysisp. 513
Improved Methodologies for Identifying Root-Cause of Printed Board Failuresp. 523
Chapter 12 General Imaging Techniques
Optical Microscopyp. 540
Scanning Electron Microscopyp. 559
Ultra-high Resolution in the Scanning Electron Microscopep. 574
Chapter 13 Local Deprocessing and Imaging
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Systems: A Brief Overviewp. 583
Transmission Electron Microscopy for Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuitsp. 595
Atomic Force Microscopy: Modes and Analytical Techniques with Scanning Probe Microscopyp. 615
Chapter 14 Materials Analysis Techniques
Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysisp. 628
Analysis of Submicron Defects by Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES)p. 640
SIMS Solutions for Next Generation IC Processes and Devicesp. 652
Chapter 15 Important Topics for Semiconductor Devices
Submicron CMOS Devicesp. 662
Reliability and Quality Concepts for Failure Analystsp. 672
CAD Navigation in FA and Design/Test Data for Fast Fault Isolationp. 676
Best of the EDFAS E-mail Discussion Forum 2000-2004p. 684
Chapter 16 FA Techniques/Tools Roadmaps
Failure Analysis Roadmapsp. 701
Assembly Analytical Forum Analytical Tool Roadmapp. 705
Chapter 17 FA Operation and Management
Education and Training for the Analystp. 717
Managing the Unpredictable - A Business Model for Failure Analysis Servicep. 722
Management Principles and Practices for the Failure Analysis Laboratoryp. 730
Education/Training Sources and Referencesp. 740
Chapter 18 Appendix
Failure Analysis Terms and Definitionsp. 743
JEDEC Standards for Failure Analysisp. 759
ISTFA Subject Indexp. 761
Author Indexp. 799
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