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Preliminary studies using a small scale model of a fluidized bed combustor
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This project was implemented to investigate the fundamental characteristics of fluidized bed technique. An initial study was carried out based on the fabrication of a small scale-model of a fluidized bed combustor system with several and repeated experimental work. Silica sand was selected as a fluidized bed material to be experimented in the system. Two types of bed, i.e. deep bed and shaloow bed were used. A fluidized bed is formed by passing air upwards through a bed of sand particles. A point is reached when the snad particles behave in a fluid manner. There is intense mixing and gas solids contact which make it easy to have an isothermal system with good mass transfer. This behaviour enables fluidized bed to be suitable for drying, mixing and heat transfer applications. A series of experimental works were attempted to obtain several important parameters and to see what were their effects on fluidized bed technique. It is hoped that the results of this work will provide a better insight into designing the actual fluidized bed combustor. The combustor is expected to exploit the use of palm oil kernel shell as fuel feed and these works will provide a further guidelines for the future research activities in fluidization engineering particulary at the Combustion Laboratory of Fakulti Kejuruteraan Jentera, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Project Paper (Bachelor of mechanical Engineering) - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 1992


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