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Nondestructive testing of pavements and backcalculation of moduli ; third volume
ASTM special technical publication ; STP 1375
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West Conshohocken, PA : ASTM, 2000


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As with the previous two symposia, the 32 papers from the June/July, 1999, Seattle symposium present advances in the nondestructive testing of pavements using conventional falling weight deflectometer techniques and other promising techniques such as ground penetrating radar, rolling weight deflecto

Table of Contents

J. P. MahoneyP. UllidtzT. Scullion and T. SaarenketoP. R. FlemingP. E. Sebaaly and S. Bemanian and S. LaniS. Seeds and S. Alavi and W. Ott and M. Mikhail and J. MactutisJ. W. Maina and H. Yokota and D. A. Mfinanga and S. MasudaR. C. Briggs and E. O. LukanenJ. M. Ovik and B. Birgisson and D. E. NewcombH. Ali and O. SeleznevaH. ZhouJ. A. Siekmeier and D. Young and D. BebergM. Livneh and N. A. Livneh and I. IshaiS. Nazarian and V. Tandon and K. Crain and D. YuanM. A. Frabizzio and N. J. BuchL. Khazanovich and T. J. Mcpeak and S. D. TayabjiT. F. Fwa and K. H. Tan and S. LiY. J. Jiang and S. D. TayabjiY. R. Kim and B. Xu and Y. KimK. R. MaserK. Tawfiq and J. Armaghani and J. SobanjoM. Mcdaniel and D. Yuan and D. H. Chen and S. NazarianK. Chatti and Tk. KimY. V. KangL. KhazanovichJ. W. Maina and H. YokotaJ. A. Bay and K. H. Stokoe, IIR. C. Briggs and R. F. Johnson and R. N. Stubstad and L. PierceG. Hildebrand and S. Rasmussen and R. AndresK. Matsui and Y. Kikuta and T. Nishizawa and A. KasaharaI. Abdallah and C. Ferregut and S. Nazarian and O. M. LuceroN. M. Jackson and J. W. Andrew and E. C. DrummY. R. Kim and Y.-C. Lee and S. R. Ranjithan
Overviewp. ix
Pavement Testing and Backcalculation Technologies--Challenges for the 21[superscript st] Centuryp. 3
Will Nonlinear Backcalculation Help?p. 14
Integrating Ground Penetrating Radar and Falling Weight Deflectometer Technologies in Pavement Evaluationp. 23
Deflection Testing and Backcalculation of AC Pavements
Small-scale Dynamic Devices for the Measurement of Elastic Stiffness Modulus on Pavement Foundationsp. 41
Nevada's Approach to the Backcalculation Processp. 59
Evaluation of Laboratory Determined and Nondestructive Test Based Resilient Modulus Values from WesTrack Experimentp. 72
Prediction of Pavement Deterioration Based on FWD Resultsp. 95
Deflection Testing and Backcalculation--Seasonal Variations
Variations in Backcalculated Pavement Layer Moduli in LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sitesp. 113
Seasonal Variations in Backcalculated Pavement Layer Moduli in Minnesotap. 129
Seasonal Trends and Causes in Pavement Structural Propertiesp. 144
Comparison of Backcalculated and Laboratory Measured Moduli on AC and Granular Base Layer Materialsp. 161
DCP Testing
Comparison of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer with Other Tests During Subgrade and Granular Base Characterization in Minnesotap. 175
The Israeli Experience with the Regular and Extended Dynamic Cone Penetrometer for Pavement and Subsoil-Strength Evaluationp. 189
Use of Instrumented Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Pavement Characterizationp. 214
Deflection Testing and Backcalculation--PCC Pavements
Characterization of Transverse Cracks in Jointed Concrete Pavements (JCP's) Using Nondestructive Test (NDT) Methodsp. 231
LTPP Rigid Pavement FWD Deflection Analysis and Backcalculation Procedurep. 246
Closed-Form and Semi-Closed-Form Algorithms for Backcalculation of Concrete Pavement Parametersp. 267
Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Conditions and Design Features Using LTPP FWD Deflection Datap. 281
GPR and Newer NDT
A New Backcalculation Procedure Based on Dispersion Analysis of FWD Time-History Deflections and Surface Wave Measurements Using Artificial Neural Networksp. 297
Pavement Characterization Using Ground Penetrating Radar: State of the Art And Current Practicep. 313
Seismic Pavement Analyzer Vs. Falling Weight Deflectometer for Pavement Evaluation: Comparative Studyp. 327
Use of Seismic Pavement Analyzer in Forensic Studies in Texasp. 346
Dynamic Analysis of Deflection Data
Effect of Frequency-dependent Asphalt Concrete Layer Moduli on Pavement Responsep. 365
Use of Multifrequency Backcalculation for Determining Moduli of a Pavement Structurep. 383
Dynamic Analysis of FWD Test Results for Rigid Pavementsp. 398
Dynamic Backcalculation and Overlay Design Based on FWD Datap. 413
Rolling Weight Deflectometer
Continuous Profiling of Flexible and Rigid Highway and Airport Pavements With the Rolling Dynamic Deflectometerp. 429
A Comparison of the Rolling Weight Deflectometer with the Falling Weight Deflectometerp. 444
Development of a Laser-Based High Speed Deflectographp. 457
Comparative Studies of Backcalculated Results from FWDs with Different Loading Durationp. 470
Noteworthy Papers not presented at Symposium
Prediction of Remaining Life of Flexible Pavements with Artificial Neural Networks Modelsp. 484
Estimation of Design Season Modulus for Overlay Designp. 499
Flexible Pavement Condition Evaluation Using Deflection Basin Parameters And Dynamic Finite Element Analysis Implemented by Artificial Neural Networksp. 514
Author Indexp. 531
Subject Indexp. 533