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Fundamentals of molecular virology
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2007
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xxi, 402 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
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Designed for students learning about viruses for the first time(t the undergraduate or graduate level), Fundamentals of Molecular Virology is presented in a style which relates to today's students and professors. The text approaches learning about virology by presenting a set of chapters each of which covers a specific virus family, using one or two well-studied viruses as examples. Each chapter is designed to tell a story about the virus under discussion, and to portray the "personality" of that virus. The text incorporates lessons from classic and contemporary concepts providing a well-rounded presentation on the subject of virology.

* Unique, Applied Chapter Stories. Each chapter presents a unique example or case to help introduce the students to the different viruses that will be studied or examined in that chapter.
* Evolutionary Boxes. Feature exciting and current developments in molecular virology. These are integrated throughout the entire book and can be found in every chapter. These help students understand the importance of currency and application of virology.
* Comprehensive, Illustrative Art Program. The text contains a number of two-color figures which focus on the individual steps in virus replication and helps draw student's attention to important concepts and details.
* Coverage of Human Pathogens. Includes chapters that cover important human pathogens such as smallpox virus, measles virus, poliovirus, herpes viruses, human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, Ebola virus, SARS corona virus, West Nile virus, and others.

What instructors are saying about Fundamentals of Molecular Virology

"I like the structured treatment that is presented in Acheson. Overall, it is one of the best written and clearly organized texts on the subject I have seen." - Jeannine Williams, College of Marin

"I found the text very readable and believe it will appeal to a wide audience of students...I believe this text will have broad appeal in a field where few texts exist." - Michael Roner, The University of Texas at Arlington

"The main strength of the book is the great molecular detail the author achieves, but still at a level that an undergraduate student should be able to master. I like the blend of molecular with medical; this has been lacking in most virology books that I have considered using." - Darlene Walro, Walsh University

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
1 Introduction to VirologyNicholas H. Acheson
2 Virus StructureStephen C. Harrison
3 Virus Classification: The World of VirusesNicholas H. Acheson
4 Entry of Animal Viruses into CellsAri Helenius and Swiss Federal
Part II Bacteriophages
5 Single-stranded RNA BacteriophagesJan van Duin
6 Bacteriophage Phi-X 174Bentley Fane
7 Bacteriophage T7William C. Summers
8 Bacterophage LambdaMichael Feiss
Part III Small DNA Viruses
9 ParvovirusesPeter Beard
10 PolyomavirusesNicholas H. Acheson
11 PapillomavirusesGreg Matlashewski
Part IV Larger DNA Viruses
12 AdenovirusesPhillip Branton and Richard C. Marcellus
13 HerpesvirusesBernard Roizman and Gabriella Campadelli-Fiume
14 BaculovirusesEric Carstens
15 PoxvirusesRichard C. Condit
Part V Positive-Strand RNA Viruses
16 PicornavirusesBert L. Semler
17 FlavivirusesRichard Kuhn
18 TogavirusesMilton Schlesinger and Sondra Schlesinger
19 CoronavirusesMark Denison and Sadie Coberley
Part VI Negative-Strand and Double-Stranded RNA Viruses
20 Paramyxoviruses and RhabdovirusesNicholas H. Acheson and Daniel Kolakofsky and Christopher Richardson
21 FilovirusesHans-Dieter Klenk and Heinz Feldmann
22 BunyavirusesRichard M. Elliott
23 OrthomyxovirusesDalius J. Briedis
24 ReovirusesTerence S. Dermody and James D. Chappell
Part VII Viruses that use a Reverse Transcriptase
25 RetrovirusesAlan Cochrane
26 Human Immunodeficiency VirusAlan Cochrane
27 Human T-cell Leukemia VirusesJohn Hiscott and Yael Mamane
28 HepadnavirusesChristopher Richardson and Robert G. Garces
Part VIII Viroids and Prions
29 Viroids and Hepatitis Delta VirusJean-Pierre Perreault and Martin Pelchat
30 PrionsDalius J. Briedis
Part IX Antiviral Agents, Vectors, and Vaccines
31 InterferonsJohn Hiscott and Pierre Genin
32 Antiviral ChemotherapyDonald M. Coen
33 Eukaryotic Virus VectorsR?nald Gilbert and Bernard Massie
34 Viral VaccinesBrian Ward