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Modeling with mathematics : a bridge to algebra II
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New York, NY : W. H. Freeman & Co Ltd, 2006
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An innovative course that offers students an exciting new perspective on mathematics, Modeling With Mathematics explores how mathematics can help explore problems real people encounter in their jobs and lives. Mathematical modeling and a data-driven approach to exploring functions helps students deepen their mathematical skills and maturity. Modeling With Mathematics: A Bridge To Algebra II has been designed for students who have completed Algebra I or Algebra I and Geometry but need review practice and motivation to succeed in Algebra II. In addition the course gives students a look ahead to many Algebra II topics.

Modeling With Mathematics: A Bridge To Algebra II list serv As a service to instructors using Modeling With Mathematics: A Bridge To Algebra II , a listserv has been designed as a forum to share ideas, ask questions and learn new ways to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Table of Contents

1 Science: Modeling with Direct and Inverse Variation
How do scientists use mathematics to explore and understand our world?
Key Mathematical Skills
Input and output variables
Direct Variation
Inverse Variation
Working with expressions
2 Bones: Using Linear Function to Make Predictions
How does statistics help solve the mystery of Amelia Earhardt?
Key Mathematical Skills
Data analysis
Box plots
Scatter plots
Linear equations
Linear functions
Best-fit criteria
3 Building a Business: Systems of Equations and Inequalities
How can a few equations help make better business decisions?
Key Mathematical Skills
Systems of equations
Matrix addition
Matrix subtraction
Matrix multiplication
Systems of inequalities
Linear programming
4 Art: Transformations, Symmetry and Proportions
Is there a connection between mathematics and beauty?
Key Mathematical Skills
Parallel lines
45-45-90 right triangles
30-60-90 right triangles
Similar triangles
5 Motion: Quadratic Functions
How does mathematics help plan for action-packed movie stunts?
Key Mathematical Skills
Quadratic functions
Area models
Parent functions
Vertex forms of quadratics
Inverse operations
6 Growth: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
How can functions model the population of an endangered species?
Key Mathematical Skills
Exponential functions
Function notation
Growth and decay
Laws of exponents
Logarithmic functions
7 Money and You: Mathematics of Finance II
Can I use mathematics to make the right purchasing and financial planning decisions?
Key Mathematical Skills
Developing function rules
Computing compound interest
Amortization (and lease vs. buy scenarios)
Future value and inflation
8 Cycles: Trigonometry and Sinosoidal Functions
How do functions predict how things move and sound?
Key Mathematical Skills
Pythagorean theorem
Right triangle relationships
Trigonometric ratios: sine, cosine, tangent
Inverse trigonometric ratios
Periodic functions and motion
Sinosoidal funtions
Trigonometric graphs