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Analysis and design of nonlinear control systems : in honor of Alberto Isidori
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Berlin : Springer, 2008
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xxvii, 483 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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This book is a tribute to Prof. Alberto Isidori on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Prof. Isidori's proli?c, pioneering and high-impact research activity has spanned over 35 years. Throughout his career, Prof. Isidori has developed ground-breaking results, has initiated researchdirections and has contributed towardsthe foundationofnonlinear controltheory.In addition,his dedication to explain intricate issues and di?cult concepts in a simple and rigorous way and to motivate young researchers has been instrumental to the intellectual growth of the nonlinear control community worldwide. The volume collects 27 contributions written by a total of 52 researchers. The principal author of each contribution has been selected among the - searchers who have worked with Prof. Isidori, have in?uenced his research activity, or have had the privilege and honour of being his PhD students. The contributions address a signi?cant number of control topics, including th- retical issues, advanced applications, emerging control directions and tutorial works. The diversity of the areas covered, the number of contributors and their international standing provide evidence of the impact of Prof. Isidori in the control and systems theory communities. The book has been divided into six parts: System Analysis, Optimization Methods, Feedback Design, Regulation, Geometric Methods and Asymptotic Analysis, re?ecting important control areas which have been strongly in- enced and, in some cases, pioneered by Prof. Isidori.

Table of Contents

Hector J. SussmannEduardo D. Sontag and Yuan WangJan C. WillemsArthur J. KrenerRoger W. BrockettAlexander B. Kurzhanski and Pravin VaraiyaSerdar Yuksel and Tamer BasarWei Kang and I. Michael Ross and Qi GongKarl J. AstromA. Pedro Aguiar and Joao P. Hespanha and Petar V. KokotovicIoan D. Landau and Fethi Bouziani and Robert R. BitmeadMing Cao and A. Stephen MorseKurt Schlacher and Kurt ZehetleitnerJessy W. Grizzle and Eric R. WesterveltChaohong Cai and Rafal Goebel and Ricardo G. Sanfelice and Andrew R. TeelLorenzo Marconi and Laurent PralyRiccardo Marino and Giovanni L. Santosuosso and Patrizio TomeiAndrea SerraniFrancesco Delli Priscoli and Antonio PietrabissaJung-Su Kim and Frank AllgowerNarayan Ganesan and Tzyh-Jong TarnSalvatore Monaco and Dorothee Normand-CyrotStefano Battilotti and Claudia CalifanoChris I. Byrnes and David S. GilliamAlessandro AstolfiHao Lei and Wei LinClaudio De Persis
Part I System Analysis
Smooth Distributions Are Globally Finitely Spannedp. 3
Uniformly Universal Inputsp. 9
System Interconnectionp. 25
Reduced Order Modeling of Nonlinear Control Systemsp. 41
Part II Optimization Methods
Nonholonomic Trajectory Optimization and the Existence of Twisted Matrix Logarithmsp. 65
The Hamilton-Jacobi Type Equations for Nonlinear Target Control and Their Approximationp. 77
Causal Coding of Markov Sources with Continuous Alphabetsp. 91
Pseudospectral Optimal Control and Its Convergence Theoremsp. 109
Part III Feedback Design
Event Based Controlp. 127
Zero Dynamics and Tracking Performance Limits in Nonlinear Feedback Systemsp. 149
A Nonlinear Model for Combustion Instability: Analysis and Quenching of the Oscillationsp. 161
Convexification of the Range-Only Station Keeping Problemp. 183
Control of Hydraulic Devices, an Internal Model Approachp. 207
Hybrid Zero Dynamics of Planar Bipedal Walkingp. 223
Part IV Regulation
Hybrid Systems: Limit Sets and Zero Dynamics with a View Toward Output Regulationp. 241
Essential and Redundant Internal Models in Nonlinear Output Regulationp. 263
Two Global Regulators for Systems with Measurable Nonlinearities and Unknown Sinusoidal Disturbancesp. 285
A Taxonomy for Time-Varying Immersions in Periodic Internal-Model Controlp. 303
Paving the Way Towards the Control of Wireless Telecommunication Networksp. 319
Nonlinear Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators: The Polynomial Casep. 339
Part V Geometric Methods
Disturbance Decoupling for Open Quantum Systems: Quantum Internal Model Principlep. 355
Controller and Observer Normal Forms in Discrete-Timep. 377
A Geometric Approach to Dynamic Feedback Linearizationp. 397
Part VI Asymptotic Analysis
The Steady-State Response of a Nonlinear Control System, Lyapunov Stable Attractors, and Forced Oscillationsp. 415
Model Reduction by Moment Matching for Linear and Nonlinear Systemsp. 429
Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Parameters by Output Feedback: A Non-Identifier-Based Methodp. 445
Hybrid Feedback Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Quantization Noise and Large Delaysp. 465