Cover image for Advances in solid oxide fuel cells III : a collection of papers presented at the 31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 21-26, 2007, Daytona Beach, Florida
Advances in solid oxide fuel cells III : a collection of papers presented at the 31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 21-26, 2007, Daytona Beach, Florida
Ceramic engineering and science proceedings ; 28, issue 4
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Haboken, NJ : Wiley-American Ceramic Society, 2008
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xiv, 437 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
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Papers from The American Ceramic Society's 31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 21-26, 2007. Content includes papers on recent technical progress by national laboratories, universities and private industries on solid oxide fuel cell technology including SOFC component materials, processing, cell/stack fabrication and design, electrochemical performance and stability, long-term chemical interactions, interface engineering, modeling, test procedures and performance analysis.

Author Notes

Narottam P. Bansal is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Glenn Research Center. Dr. Bansal is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society and has authored/co-authored 4 books, 6 invited book chapters, 3 review articles, 8 NASA Tech Briefs, and 215 research papers. As a member of the Engineering Ceramics Division, Dr. Bansal has served as chair of the Awards and Scholarship Committee. He is a past chair of the Northern Ohio section of the American Ceramic Society.

Jonathan Salem is a Materials Research Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH. He has authored or co-authored over 60 archival publications, over 70 proceedings publications, and four national and international standards on mechanics of ceramics. He is a fellow of American Society for Testing and Materials and received a NASA Manned Spaced Flight Awareness Award for work on ceramic bearings for the Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbo-pump.

Dongming Zhu is a senior Materials Research Engineer at Army Research Laboratory at NASA Glenn Research Center. He has authored more than 100 archival publications and three patents. He is a member of the American Ceramic Society and ASM, International, has been a lead organizer for several International Symposia. He is currently the Chair-elect of the Engineering Ceramic Division of the American Ceramic Society, and an associate editor of the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. He has received several awards from NASA and professional societies.

Table of Contents

Soren Linderoth and Anders SmithYeong Yoo and Naoki Oishi and Daniel Roth and Suwas NikumbToshio Suzuki and Toshiaki Yamaguchi and Yoshinobu Fujishiro and Masanobu Awano and Yoshihiro FunahashiTakanori Otake and Misuzu Yokoyama and Kohki Nagai and Kenji Ukai and Yasunobu Mizutani and Yoshihiro Funahashi and Yoshinobu FujishiroToshiaki Yamaguchi and Ahmed Mohamed El-Toni and Toshio Suzuki and Yoshinobu Fujishiro and Masanobu Awano and Sola ShimizuSota Shimizu and Toshiaki Yamaguchi and Toshio Suzuki and Yoshinobu Fujishiro and Masanobu AwanoPartho Sarkar and Luis Yamarte and Lorne JohansonHeinz Nabielek and Ludger Blum and Hans Peter Buchkremer and Vincent Haanappel and L.G.J. (Bert) de Haart and Willem Jo Quadakkers and Robert Steinberger-Wilckens and Rolf W. Steinbrech and Uwe Reisgen and Frank TietzT. Yamada and N. Chitose and H. Eto and M. Yamada and K. Hosoi and N. Komada and T. Inagaki and F. Nishiwaki and K. Hashino and H. Yoshida and M. Kawano and S. Yamasaki and T. IshiharaMogens Mogensen and Soren Hojgaard Jensen and Anne Hauch and Ib Chorkendorff and Torben JacobsenT.L. Cable and J.A. Setlock and S.C. FarmerG. Falk and N. Bohm and P.-G. Delaporte and R. Clasen and S. KuhnV. Hugo Schmidt and Chih-Long Tsai and Laura LediaevMonika Backhaus-Ricoult and Kaveh Adib and Todd St.Clair and Bjoern Luerssen and Luca Gregoratti and A.Barinov and P. DudinBilge Yildiz and Deborah J. Myers and J. David Carter and Kee-Chul Chang and Hoydoo YouSteven P. Simner and Jared W. Templeton and Jeffry W. StevensonRobert Williams, Jr. and Shaowu Zha and Meilin LiuRichard Goettler and Zhengliang Xing and Liang Xue and Michael HillYoshihiro Funahashi and Toru Shimamori and Toshio Suzuki and Yoshinobu Fujishiro and Masanobu AwanoPeter Blennow and Kent K. Hansen and L. Reine Wallenberg and Mogens MogensenStephen W. Sofie and Davis R. TaylorAurelie Rolle and Pascal Roussel and Chanapa Kongmark and Caroline Pirovano and Rose-Noelle VannierL.F.G. Setz and H.P.S. Correa and C. Yamagata and S.R.H. Mello-CastanhoWeifeng Wei and Sofianne Benhaddad and Anthony Wood and Weixing Chen and Douglas G. IveyL. Cooper and S. Benhaddad and A. Wood and D.G. Ivey and W. ChenZhenguo Yang and Guan-Guang Xia and Jeffry W. Stevenson and Prabhakar SinghTerry A. Cruse and Michael Krumpelt and Brian J. IngramCharles Compson and Songho Choi and Harry Abernathy and Yongman Choi and Meilin LiuErica L. Corral and Bryan D. Gauntt and Ronald E. LoehmanR.N. Singh and S.S. PariharStephen W. Sofie and Johannes-Moritz BuscherSergey Yarmolenko and Devendra Ray and Devdas Pai and Jag SankarOleksandr Vasylyev and Iegor Brodnikovskyi and Mykola Brychevskyi and Ievhenii PryshchepaThangamani Nithyanantham and S. BandopadhyayW.N. Liu and X. Sun and M.A. Khaleel and J. M. QuNarasimhan Swaminathan and Jianmin QuJanine Johnson and Jianmin QuS. Barth and P.A. Sermon and P.R. Slater
Prefacep. xi
Introductionp. xiii
Technical Overview
Worldwide SOFC Overview from a Scandinavian and a European Perspectivep. 3
Cell and Stack Development/Performance
Development of Metal Supported Thin Film SOFCs at ICPET/NRCCp. 17
Fabrication and Optimization of Micro Tubular SOFCs for Cube-Type SOFC Stacksp. 25
Electrochemical Evaluation of Micro-Tubular SOFC and Module for Advanced Ceramic Reactorp. 33
Development of Fabrication Technology for Honeycomb-Type SOFC with Integrated Multi Micro-Cellsp. 41
Development of Honeycomb-Type SOFC Integrated with Multi Micro Cells: Concept and Simulationsp. 49
Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Remote Power Applicationsp. 59
Reducing Degradation Effects in SOFC Stacks Manufactured at Forschungszentrum Julich-Approaches and Resultsp. 65
Application of Lanthanum Gallate Based Oxide Electrolyte in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stackp. 79
Reversible Solid Oxide Cellsp. 91
Regenerative Operation of the NASA Symmetrical Support Solid Oxide Fuel Cellp. 103
Electrophoretic Deposition and Sintering of Tubular Anode Supported Gadolinium Doped Ceria Solid Oxide Fuel Cellp. 117
Determination of Anode-Pore Tortuosity from Gas and Current Flow Rates in SOFCsp. 129
Photoelectron Microscopy Study of the Surface Chemistry of Operating LSM-YSZ SOFC Cathodesp. 141
In Situ X-Ray and Electrochemical Studies of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer Oxygen Electrodesp. 153
Electrochemical Characterization of Modified LSM Cathodesp. 167
Fabrication and Characterization of Dense La[subscript 0.85]Sr[subscript 0.15]MnO[subscript 3]-Ce[subscript 0.9]Gd[subscript 0.1]O[subscript 1.95] Composite Electrodesp. 177
Evaluation of Ruddlesden-Popper Nickelate Cathodes for Higher Temperature SOFCp. 183
Microstructure Control of Cathode Matrices for the Cube-Type SOFC Bundlesp. 195
Niobium-Doped Strontium Titanates as SOFC Anodesp. 203
Controlled Thermal Expansion Anode Compositions with Improved Strength for Use in Anode Supported SOFC'sp. 215
Oxide Conductors
Oxygen Diffusion Mechanisms in Two Series of Oxide Ion Conductors: BIMEVOX and Brownmillerite Materialsp. 227
Interconnects and Protective Coatings
Synthesis and Sintering Behavior of Lanthanum Chromite Doped with Strontium and Cobalt for SOFC Interconnect Applicationsp. 239
Anodic Electrodeposition of Mn-Co-O Spinel Coatings on Stainless Steel Substratesp. 255
The Effect of Surface Treatment on the Oxidation Behavior of Ferritic Steel Interconnects for Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 267
Corrosion Behavior of Interconnect Candidate Alloys Under Air/Simulated Reformate Dual Exposure Conditionsp. 279
Degradation of SOFCs in Contact with E-Britep. 289
Stability and Performance of Silver in an SOFC Interconnect Environmentp. 301
Properties of Particle-Filled Glass Composites Used for Sealing Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 315
Self Healing Behavior of Glasses for High Temperature Seals in Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 325
Copper Based Braze for Robust Sealing of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 335
Mechanical Properties
Processing, Phase Stability and Mechanical Properties of 10 mol% Sc[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] - 1 mol% CeO[subscript 2]-ZrO[subscript 2] Ceramicsp. 345
NiO-10Sc1CeSZ Anode: Structure and Mechanical Behaviorp. 361
Effect of Temperature and Environment on the Mechanical Properties of LSFT-CGO Membranesp. 377
Fracture Failure Criteria of SOFC PEN Structurep. 389
Determination of Chemical Expansion Coefficient and Elastic Properties of Non-Stoichiometric GDC Using Molecular Dynamic Simulationsp. 403
2D Digital Reconstruction of Realistic Microstructures of Porous Cermets Used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 413
Fuel Reforming
CH[subscript 4] Reactivity of Apatite Systems of Relevance to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applicationsp. 425
Author Indexp. 435