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Handbook of chaos control
2nd ed
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Weinheim, Germany. : Wiley-VCH, 2008
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xxx, 819 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 25 cm.


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This long-awaited revised second edition of the standard reference on the subject has been considerably expanded to include such recent developments as novel control schemes, control of chaotic space-time patterns, control of noisy nonlinear systems, and communication with chaos, as well as promising new directions in research. The contributions from leading international scientists active in the field provide a comprehensive overview of our current level of knowledge on chaos control and its applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and engineering. In addition, they show the overlap with the traditional field of control theory in the engineering community.
An interdisciplinary approach of interest to scientists and engineers working in a number of areas.

Author Notes

Heinz Georg Schuster is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Kiel in Germany. In 1971 he received his doctorate and in 1976 he was appointed Professor at the University of Frankfurt/Main in Germany. He was a visiting professor at the Weizmann-Institute of Science in Israel and at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, USA. Professor Schuster works on the dynamical behaviour of complex adaptive systems and authored and coauthored several books in this field. His book "Deterministic Chaos" which was also published at Wiley-VCH, has been translated into five languages.

Eckehard Scholl received his M.Sc. in physics from the University of Tuebingen, Germany, and his Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from the University of Southampton, England. In 1989 he was appointed to a professorship in theoretical physics at the Technical University of Berlin, where he still teaches. His research interests are nonlinear dynamic systems, including nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics, chaos, pattern formation, noise, and control. He authored and coauthored several books in his field.
Professor Scholl was awarded the "Champion in teaching" prize by the Technical University of Berlin in 1997 and a Visiting Professorship by the London Mathematical Society in 2004.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Part I Basic Aspects and Extension of Methods
1 Controlling ChaosElbert E.N. Macau and Celso Grebogi
2 Time-Delay Control for Discrete MapsJoshua E.S. Socolar
3 An Analytical Treatment of the Delayed Feedback Control AlgorithmKestutis Pyragas and Tatjana Pyragiene and Viktoras Pyragas
4 Beyond the Odd-Number Limitation of Time-Delayed Feedback ControlBernold Fiedler and Valentin Flunkert and Marc Georgi and Philipp Hovel and Eckehard Scholl
5 On Global Properties of Time-Delayed Feedback ControlWolfram Just
6 Poincare-Based Control of Delayed Measured Systems: Limitations and Improved ControlJens Christian Claussen
7 Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of chaosAlexander Frdkov and Alexander Pogromsky
Part II Controlling Space-Time Chaos
8 Localized Control of Spatiotemporal ChaosRoman O. Grigoriev and Andreas Handel
9 Controlling Spatiotemporal Chaos: The Paradigm of the Complex Ginzburg-Landau EquationStefano Boccaletti and Jean bragard
10 Multiple Delay Feedback controlAlexander Ahlborn and Ulrich Parlitz
Part III Controlling Noisy Motion
11 Control of Noise-Induced DynamicsNatalia B. Janson and Alexander G. Balanov and Eckerhard Scholl
12 Controlling Coherence of Noisy and Chaotic Oscillators by Delayed FeedbackDenis Goldobin and Michael Rosenblum and Arkady Pikovsky
13 Resonances induced by the Delay Time in Nonlinear Autonomous Oscillators with FeedbackCristina Masoller
Part IV Communicating with Chaos, Chaos Synchronization
14 Secure Communication with Chaos SynchronizationWolfgang Kinzel and Ido Kanter
15 Noise Robust Chaotic SystemsThomas L. Carroll
16 Nonlinear Communication StrategiesHenry D. I. Abarbanel
17 Synchronization and Message Transmission for Networked Chaotic Optical Communication sK. Alan Shore and Paul S. Spencer and Ilestyn Pierce
18 Feedback Control Principles for Phase SynchronizationVladimir N. belykh and Grigory V. Osipov and Jurgen Kurths
Part V Applications to Optics
19 Controlling Fast Chaos in Optoelectronic Delay Dynamical SystemsLucas Illing and Daniel J. Gauthier and Jonathan N. Blakely
20 Control of Broad-Area Laser Dynamics with Delayed Optical FeedbackNicoleta Gaciu and Edeltraud Gehrig and Ortwin Hess
21 Noninvasive Control of Semiconductor Lasers by Delayed Optical FeedbackHans-Jurgen Wunsche and Sylvia Schikora and Fritz Henneberger
22 Chaos and Control in Semiconductor LasersJunji Ohtsubo
23 From Pattern Control to Synchronization: Control Techniques in Nonlinear Optical Feedback SystemsBjorn Gutlich and Cornelia Denz
Part VI Applications to Electronic Systems
24 Delayed-Feedback Control of Chaotic Spatiotemporal Patterns in Semiconductor NanostructuresEckehard Scholl
25 Observing Global Properties of Time-delayed Feedback Control in Electronic CircuitsHartmut Benner and Chol-Ung Choe and Klaus Hohne and Clemens von Loewenich and Hiroyuki Shirahama and Wolfram Just
26 Application of a Black Box Strategy to Control ChaosAchim Kitell and Martin Popp
Part VII Applications to Chemical Reaction Systems
27 Feedback-Mediated Control of Hypermeandering Spiral WavesJan Schlesner and Vladimir Zykov and Harald Engel
28 Control of Spatiotemporal Chaos in Surface Chemical ReactionsCarsten Beta and Alexander S. Mikhailov
29 Forcing ad Feedback Control of Arrays of Chaotic Electrochemical OscillatorsIstvan Z. Kiss and John L. Hudson
Part VIII Applications to Biology
30 Control Synchronization in Oscillatory Neural NetworksPeter A. Tass and Christian Hauptmann and Oleksandr V. Popovych
31 Control of Cardiac Electrical Nonlinear DynamicsTrine Krogh-Madsen