Cover image for Corrosion, wear, fatigue, and reliability of ceramics : a collection of papers presented at the 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 27 -February 1, 2008, Daytona Beach, Florida
Corrosion, wear, fatigue, and reliability of ceramics : a collection of papers presented at the 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 27 -February 1, 2008, Daytona Beach, Florida
Ceramic engineering and science proceedings ; 29
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New York, NY : Wiley, 2009
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xii, 202 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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This volume provides a one-stop resource, compiling current research on the behavior and reliability of ceramic macro and micro scale systems. It is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society s 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 27-February 1, 2008. Topics include Design and Testing Challenges for Ceramic Joints; Structural Design, Testing and Life Prediction of Monolithic and Composite Components; Mechanical Behavior, Design, and Reliability of Small Scale Systems; Environmental Effects on Mechanical Properties; and more. This is a valuable reference for researchers in ceramics engineering.

Author Notes

Jonathan Salem is a Materials Research Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH. He received a PhD in Mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and has authored or co-authored over 60 archival publications, over 70 proceedings publications, and four national and international standards on mechanics of ceramics. He is a fellow of American Society for Testing and Materials and received a NASA Manned Spaced Flight Awareness Award for work on ceramic bearings for the Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbo-pump. In 2004, he received the Richard M. Fulrath Award from the American Ceramic Society for development of technical standards for design of structural ceramics.

Table of Contents

C.A. Lewinsohn and H. Anderson and M. Wilson and T. Lillo and A. JohnsonG. Ojard and G. Morscher and Y. Gowayed and U. Santhosh and J. Ahmaad and R. Miller and R. JohnG. Magnani and F. Antolini and L. Beaulardi and F. Burgio and C. MingazziniManuel Ettler and Norbert H. Menzler and Hans Peter Buchkremer and Detlev StoverToshio Osada and Wataru Nakao and Koji Takahashi and Kotoji AndoG. Magnani and L. Beaulardi and E. TrentiniG. Ojard and L. Riester and R. Trejo and R. Annis and Y. Gowayed and G. Morscher and K. An and R. Miller and R. JohnWataru Nakao and Youhei Chiba and Kotoji Ando and Keisuke Iwata and Yoshitake NishiKuo-Tong LeeHiroyuki Miyazaki and Wataru Kanematsu and Hideki Hyuga and Yu-ichi Yoshizawa and Kiyoshi Hirao and Tatsuki OhjiThomas Schalk and Karl-Heinz Lang and Detlef LoheShankar Mall and Joon-Mo AhnEllen Dubensky and Robert Newman and Aleksander J. Pyzik and Amy WetzelG.A. SwiftK.G. Nickel and V. Presser and O. Krummhauer and A. Kailer and R. WirthO.M. Jadaan and A.A. WereszczakH. Serizawa and A. Kawahara and S. Itoh and H. MurakawaJ.G. Sun and Z.P. Liu and Z.J. Pei and N.S.L. Phillips and J.A. JensenGeorge D. Quinn
Prefacep. ix
Introductionp. xi
Corrosion Resistance of Ceramics in Vaporous and Boiling Sulfuric Acidp. 3
Thermocouple Interactions during Testing of Melt Infiltrated Ceramic Matrix Compositesp. 11
Oxidation Resistance of Pressureless-Sintered SiC-AIN-Re[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Composites Obtained without Powder Bedp. 21
Characterization of the Re-oxidation Behavior of Anode-Supported SOFCsp. 33
Healing Behavior of Machining Cracks in Oxide-Based Composite Containing SiC Particlesp. 45
Effects of Oxidation on the Mechanical Properties of Pressureless-Sintered SiC-AIN-Y[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Composites Obtained without Powder Bedp. 57
Fiber Push Out Testing Before and After Exposure: Results for an MI SiC/SiC Compositep. 65
New Ceramics Surface Reinforcing Treatment using a Combination of Crack-Healing and Electron Beam Irradiationp. 75
Effect of Si[subscript 3]N[subscript 4] on the Instability of Li[subscript 2]O-Containing Celsian in the BAS/Si[subscript 3]N[subscript 4] Compositesp. 81
Fatigue, Wear, and Creep
Rolling Contact Fatigue Properties and Fracture Resistance for Silicon Nitride Ceramics with Various Microstructuresp. 91
Fretting Fatigue of Engineering Ceramicsp. 101
Investigation into Cyclic Frequency Effects on Fatigue Behavior of an Oxide/Oxide Compositep. 111
Friction and Wear Behavior of AIBC Compositesp. 117
Creep of Silicon Nitride Observed In Situ with Neutron Diffractionp. 131
Hydrothermal Oxidation of Silicon Carbide and Its Bearing on Wet Wear Mechanismsp. 143
Reliability, NDE, and Fractography
Probabilistic Design Optimization and Reliability Assessment of High Temperature Thermoelectric Devicesp. 157
Development of a New Computational Method for Solving Inhomogeneous and Ultra Large Scale Modelp. 173
Optical Methods for Nondestructive Evaluation of Subsurface Flaws in Silicon Nitride Ceramicsp. 181
Fractographic Analysis of Miniature Theta Specimensp. 189
Author Indexp. 201