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Dictionary of hydraulic machinery in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian
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Amsterdam Elseview 1985


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Hardbound. Based on a Polish book of 1974 entitled Hydraulic Machinery - Basic Concepts, this work is more an illustrated encyclopaedia than just a technical dictionary. Besides giving equivalent terms in the six different languages, precise and unequivocal definitions (in English) are provided, along with relevant formulae and classification tables. The approximately 4,300 terms are supplemented by 221 illustrations and 30 tables. Symbols commonly encountered in the field are also included with their corresponding explanations.The subject matter has been arranged according to the recommendations of the International Organisation for Standardisation, Technical Committee 37 (Technology). Each of the 14 chapters refers to a distinct branch or problem of the science and technique of the design and installation of hydraulic machinery. Alphabetical indexes in each of the six languages provide easy reference to the main body of the work.

Table of Contents

List of Research Institutes, Industrial Associations and Manufacturers
Explanations for the Reader
Chapters I Selected Concepts of Logic, Mathematics and Physics
II Basic Concepts of Mechanics
III Selected Technical Concepts
IV Theoretical Concepts of Hydraulic Machines
V Hydraulic Motors
VI Pumps
VII Ship Propellers
VIII Hydraulic Torque Converters and Fluid Couplings
IX Control of Hydraulic Machines
X Hydraulic Drive and Command Systems
XI Conduits, Valves and Seals
XII Various Hydraulic Installations
XIII Experimental Research on Hydraulic Machinery
XIV Exploitations of Hydraulic Machines