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Cover image for Latest advances in atomic cluster collisions : structure and dynamics from the nuclear to the biological scale
Latest advances in atomic cluster collisions : structure and dynamics from the nuclear to the biological scale
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London : Imperial College Press, 2008
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xvii, 442 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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30000010202841 QC173.4.M48 I57 2008 Open Access Book Proceedings, Conference, Workshop etc.

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This book presents a "snapshot" of the most recent and significant advances in the field of cluster physics. It is a comprehensive review based on contributions by the participants of the 2nd International Symposium on Atomic Cluster Collisions (ISACC 2007) held in July 19-23, 2007 at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany. The purpose of the Symposium is to promote the growth and exhange of scientific information on the structure and properties of nuclear, atomic, molecular, biological and complex cluster systems studied by means of photonic, electronic, heavy particle and atomic collisions. Particular attention is devoted to dynamic phenomena, many-body effects taking place in cluster systems of a different nature -- these include problems of fusion and fission, fragmentation, collective electron excitations, phase transitions, etc. Both the experimental and theoretical aspects of cluster physics, uniquely placed between nuclear physics on the one hand and atomic, molecular and solid state physics on the other, are discussed.

Table of Contents

Yu. OganessianS. HofmannV. Zagrebaev and W. GreinerG. G. Adamian and A. V. Andreev and N. V. Antonenko and S. P. Ivanova and R. V. Jolos and A. K. Nasirov and T. M. Shneidman and A. S. Zubov and W. ScheidT. J. Burvenich and I. N. Mishustin and W. GreinerJ.-P. ConneradeK. Jackson and M. Yang and J. JellinekA. Lyalin and A. V. Solov'yov and W. GreinerA. Lyalin and I. A. Solov'yov and A. V. Solov'yov and W. GreinerD. N. Poenaru and R. A. Gherghescu and I. H. Plonski and A. V. Solov'yov and W. GreinerM. Abd el Rahim and R. Antoine and M. Broyer and P. Dugourd and D. RayancS. Denifl and F. Zappa and I. Mahr and P. Scheier and O. Echt and T. D. MarkS. Lo and A. V. Korol and A. V. Solov'yovA. Muller and S. Schippers and R. A. Phaneuf and S. Scully and E. D. Emmons and M. F. Gharaibeh and M. Habibi and A. L. D. Kilcoyne and A. Aguilar and A. S. Schlachter and L. Dunsch and S. Yang and H. S. Chakraborty and M. E. Madjet and J. M. RostM. Ichihashi and T. Hanmura and T. KondowM. Mitsui and S. Doi and K. Ikemoto and S. Nagaoka and A. NakajimaP. Berke and M.-P. Delplancke-Ogletree and A. Lyalin and V. V. Semenikhina and A. V. Solov'yovE. Coccia and E. Bodo and F. Marinetti and F. A. Gianturco and E. Yurtsever and M. Yurtsever and E. YildirimA. V. Yakubovich and I. A. Solov'yov and A. V. Solov'yov and W. GreinerF. Calvo and P. FarneixM. Bar and F. Fehrer and P.-G. Reinhard and P. M. Dinh and E. Suraud and L. V. Moskaleva and N. RoschA. Lindinger and S. M. Weber and F. Weise and M. PlewickiV. K. Ivanov and R. G. Polozkov and A. V. Solov'yovL. H. AndersenJ. M. Carr and D. J. WalesO. I. Obolensky and A. V. Solov'yov and K. Schlepckow and H. SchwalbeE. S. Henriques and A. V. Solov'yovI. A. Solov'yov and W. GreinerTh. Elsasser and M. Scholz and G. Taucher-Scholz and S. Brons and K. Psonka and E. Gudowska-NowakI. Pshenichnov and I. Mishustin and W. GreinerE. Surdutovich and O. I. Obolensky and I. Pshenichnov and I. Mishustin and A. V. Solov'yov and W. GreinerA. M. Samsonov and V. V. Gursky and K. N. Kozlov and J. Reinitz
Prefacep. v
Organizing Committeesp. ix
Conference Photop. xi
Part A Clustering Phenomena at Nuclear and Subnuclear Scalesp. 1
Heaviest Nuclei from [superscript 48]Ca-Induced Reactionsp. 3
Production and Decay of Superheavy Nucleip. 12
Clustering Phenomena in Fission and Fusion Processes of Heavy Nucleip. 23
Nuclear Moleculesp. 34
Properties of Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei in Supernova Environmentsp. 44
Part B Structure and Properties of Atomic Clustersp. 53
Clusters, Quantum Confinement and Energy Storagep. 55
Site-Specific Analysis of Response Properties of Sodium Clustersp. 72
Magnetism in Clustersp. 86
Strontium Clusters: Electronic and Geometry Shell Effectsp. 105
New Deformed Single-Particle Shell Modelp. 128
Part C Electron Photon and Ion Cluster Collisionsp. 139
Top Rotors in Electric Fields: Influence of the Asymmetry, the Flexibility and the Structure of the Moleculesp. 141
Electron Scattering on Neon Droplets: Singly and Multiply Charged Neon Clustersp. 152
Dynamical Screening of an Atom Confined Within a Finite-Width Fullerenep. 162
Photoionization and Fragmentation of Fullerene Ionsp. 177
Collision of Transition Metal Cluster Ions with Simple Moleculesp. 187
Part D Clusters on a Surfacep. 197
Infrared Spectroscopy and Thermal Desorption Study of Vanadium-Mesitylene 1:2 Sandwich Clusters Soft-Landed onto a Long-Chain N-Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayerp. 199
Simulation of the Nanoindentation Procedure on Pure Nickel on the Smallest length Scale: A Simple Atomistic Level Modelp. 205
Part E Phase Transitions, Fusion, Fission and Fragmentation in Finite Systemsp. 225
Quantum Structuring of [superscript 4]He Atoms Around Ionic Dopants: Energetics of Li[superscript +], Na[superscript +] and K[superscript +] from Stochastic Calculationsp. 227
On the Theory of Phase Transitions in Polypeptidesp. 241
Translational Kinetic Energy Released in the Dissociative Cascade of Charged Rare-Gas Clusters: Hints for Finite Size Phase Transitions?p. 261
Part F Clusters in Laser Fieldsp. 271
Dynamics of Metal Clusters: Free, Embedded and Depositedp. 273
Phase, Amplitude, and Polarization Shaping by Interferometric Pulse Generationp. 283
Part G Clustering Phenomenon in System of Various Degrees of Complexityp. 295
Electron-Positron Clusters: Structure and Stabilityp. 297
Spectroscopy of Neutral Retinal and GFP Chromophores in the Gas Phasep. 311
The Energy Landscape as a Computational Toolp. 321
Part H Structure and Dynamics of Biomoleculesp. 331
Theoretical Framework for the Interpretation of NMR Residual Dipolar Couplings of Unfolded Proteinsp. 333
Computational Simulations of Antibody: Antigen Unbindingp. 353
Iron Mineral Based Magnetoreception Mechanism in Birdsp. 377
Biophysical Modeling of Fragment Distributions of DNA Plasmids After Heavy Ion Irradiationp. 389
Part I From Biomolecules to Cells and System Biologyp. 399
Towards Monte Carlo Calculations of Biological Dose in Heavy-Ion Therapy: Modeling of Nuclear Fragmentation Reactionsp. 401
Mechanisms of Radiation Damage of Biomoleculesp. 411
On Modeling of Gene Expression Patterns in the Drosophila Embryo by the Gene Circuit Methodp. 426
Author Indexp. 441
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