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Rugged single bit video codec
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Bradford : University of Bradford, 1995
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Loan in microfilm form only : MFL 8439 ra
Single bit coding for transmission of a real time digital clour video is reported. The coding algorithm is simple to implement, robust and is capable of transmitting medium quality video within a bandwidth of 5.5 MHz. valuation was done by both subjective and objective methods. Subjective evaluation was done in a specially designed viewing room. The room was designed to allow the viewing conditions to be fixed at recommended levels. The subjective tsts revealed that the quality of the received signal was acceptable for medium quality applications. The objective measurements are given in terms of mean square error (MSE) and signal to noise ratio (SNR). Ther performance of the system in the presence of channel errors ws investigated. The subjective grading at various bi erroe rates (BER) was established. It ws found that even at a BER of 10-5, the quality of the piecture is only slightly degraded. error performance analysis at high bit eror rate shows that probability of automatic error correction is high, Theoretical analysis and subjective testresults of error performance are presented. Applications of the technique include security video and moderate quality inspection systems, transmission of video along narrowband and noisy channels such as outer-space vehicles, satellite communications and mobile video communications.
Thesis (PhD) - University of Bradford, 1995


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