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Science and technology of rubber
2nd ed
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San Diego, CA : Academic Press, 1994
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This text provides a general survey of elastomers and an examination of rubber-like elasticity, with an emphasis on a unified treatment ranging from physical theory to final applications.

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How can one improve on a good thing? By providing more of it, and that's what the editors of this simply marvelous treatise on the science and technology of rubber have done. The format maintains the integrity of the original (1st ed., CH, Apr'79) 14-chapter layout and design while expanding the work by twenty-five percent and updating the bibliography to the present. Although rubber is the subject, it never escaped the attention of the original users (including this reviewer) that the elegant early chapters were generally applicable to any general introduction to polymer chemistry. Later chapters were generally applicable to any general introduction to engineering properties, composites, materials science, and applications ("Tire Engineering"--a special delight). If professors often turned to it, students were the ultimate beneficiaries of the uniformly readable work and simplified illustrations. And it should come as no surprise that the first edition became something of a constant companion to the industrial chemist and chemical engineer working in the field. This new edition is more of the same and better still. Originally conceived as a graduate-level work, the writing is so smoothly done and the organization so well conceived that it should serve advanced undergraduate chemistry and engineering students too. Excellent! Go for it. A lower-priced paperback version would be nice. L. W. Fine; Columbia University

Table of Contents

1 Rubber Elasticity: Basic Concepts and Behavior
2 Polymerization
3 Structure Characterization in the Science and Technology of Elastomers
4 The Molecular Basis of Rubberlike Elasticity
5 Dynamic Mechanical Properties
6 Rheological Behavior of Processing of Unvulcanized Rubber
7 Vulcanization
8 Reinforcement of Elastomers by Particulate Fillers
9 The Science of Rubber Compounding
10 Strength of Elastomers
11 The Chemical Modification of Polymers
12 Elastomer Blends
13 Thermoplastic Elastomers
14 Tire Engineering
15 Recycling
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