Cover image for Emerging technologies in Non Destructive Testing : proceedings of the 3rd international conference on emerging technologies in non destructive testing, 26-28 May 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece
Emerging technologies in Non Destructive Testing : proceedings of the 3rd international conference on emerging technologies in non destructive testing, 26-28 May 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Lisse : A.A. Balkema, 2004
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This is the third volume of a series of proceedings including papers presented at the respective International Conferences entitled: "Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)" that have been held in Greece since 1995.

This volume contains papers presented at the third Conference on Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Conference, convened at Thessaloniki, Greece in 2003. Papers cover a range of subjects including:

* interdisciplinary efforts to gain maximum benefit from capabilities from other science and engineering fields
* integration of several methods to form multimode systems for improved reliability
* increased use of computer simulation to investigate the response of specific methods

This work also covers improvements, enhancements and new and innovative ideas in NDT and should be of interest to engineers, researchers, quality control managers, as well as teachers and graduate students in the field.

Table of Contents

B. Hosten and M. Castaings and C. BaconA. MandelisM. Ohtsu and M. ShigeishiR.D. AdamsT. ShiotaniW. Steinchen and Y. Gan and G. Kupfer and P. MackelH. Cuypers and D. Van Hemelrijck and B. Dooms and J. WastielsW. De Waele and J. Degrieck and S. Jacobs and G. De Roeck and S. Matthijs and L. TaerweM. Wevers and L. Rippert and J.-M. Papy and S. Van HuffelN.F. Declercq and J. Degrieck and O. LeroyV. Yu. Zaitsev and V.E. Nazarov and V.E. Gusev and B. CastagnedeT. StepinskiE. Blomme and D. Bulcaen and F. Declercq and P. LustV. Tournat and Ph. Bequin and B. Castagnede and V.E. Gusev and V. Yu. Zaitsev and V.E. NazarovI.Yu. Solodov and K. Pfleiderer and H. Gerhard and S. Predak and G. BusseS. Simal and A. Femenia and C. Rossello and J. BeneditoV.F. Godinez-Azcuaga and R.D. Finlayson and R.K. Miller and S.J. Vahaviolos and A. Anastasopoulos and P.T. ColeR.Gr. MaevR.D. Finlayson and M.A. Luzio and V. Godinez-Azcuaga and A. Anastasopoulos and P.T. ColeT. Toutountzakis and D. MbaY.Z. Pappas and A. Kontsos and T. Loutas and V. KostopoulosT. Loutas and G. Sotiriadis and K. Dassios and I. Kalaitzoglou and V. KostopoulosS.C. KerkyrasP.T. Cole and S.N. GautreyM.F. Carlos and D. Wang and S.J. Vahaviolos and A. AnastasopoulosD. MbaT. Zweschper and G. Riegert and A. Dillenz and G.BusseG. Kalogiannakis and D. Van HemelrijckE. Douka and S. Loutridis and A. TrochidisC. Kyriazoglou and R.D. Adams and F.J. Guild and B.H. Le PageK.-W. HarbichJ.L. Pettier and R. Thierry and D. EckS. Iimura and Y. SakaiN.J. SiakavellasJ. Grum and P. ZerovnikD.G. Aggelis and T.P. PhilippidisR.D. Adams and M.M. SinghA.C. Russell and B.L. Jones and L. ManningK. Pfleiderer and G. BusseS. Vanlanduit and P. Guillaume and G. Van der LindenM.A. Luzio and R.D. Finlayson and V.F. Godinez-Azcuaga and S.J. Vahaviolos and P.T. Cole and A. AnastasopoulosJ.R. Watson and P.T. Cole and A. AnastasopoulosD. Lecompte and J. VantommeK. De Proft and W.P. De Wilde and G.N. Wells and L.J. SluysG. Muravin and L. Lezvinsky and B. MuravinM. Honlet and G.C. Calvert and J.R. Lesniak and B.R. BoyceT.L. Adair and D.H. Wehener and M.G. KindrewA. Hammouda and M. Zergoug and A. Haddad and A. BenchaalaM.J. Ing and S.A. Austin and R. Lyons and P.T. Cole and J. WastonS. Tavrou and C. JonesC. SklarczykM. Zergoug and A. Haddad and A. Hammouda and S. LebailiV. Nikou and P.F. Mendez and K. Masubuchi and T.W. EagarByoung-Kwan Cho and J. IrudayarajJ. Benedito and A. Rey and P. Garcia-Pascual and J.A. Carcel and N. Perez-MuelasP.T. Cole and J. Iqbal and S.N. GautreyV. Krstelj and J. Stepanic and A. Lypolt
Plenary lectures
FE modeling of the S[subscript 0] Lamb mode diffraction by a notch in a viscoelastic material platep. 3
Photo-carrier radiometry of semiconductors: a novel optoelectronic diffusion-wave technique for silicon process NDTp. 9
Theory and application of Moment tensor analysis in AEp. 19
Vibration measurements in nondestructive testingp. 27
Evaluation of rock slope stability by means of acoustic emissionp. 37
Visual and optical inspection
Non-destructive testing (NDT) and vibration analysis of defects in components and structures using laser diode shearographyp. 47
Determination of stochastic matrix cracking in brittle matrix compositesp. 53
An extensometer based on Bragg-sensors, for modal testing of large civil structuresp. 61
Damage in CFRP composite materials monitored with intensity modulated fiber optic sensorsp. 67
Numerical simulations of ultrasonic polar scansp. 75
A new nonlinear-modulation acoustic technique for crack detectionp. 81
Ultrasonic spectroscopy of adhesively bonded multi-layered structuresp. 89
Air-coupled ultrasonic testing of textile productsp. 95
On some applications of the non-linear acoustic phenomena for the evaluation of granular materialsp. 101
Slanted transmission mode of air-coupled ultrasound: new opportunities in NDT and material characterisationp. 107
Use of ultrasounds to estimate the composition and textural properties of a meat-based productp. 113
Nondestructive evaluation of multilayered composites using low frequency, oblique incidence acousto-ultrasonicsp. 117
Acoustic visualization and characterization of thin interface deterioration in adhesively bonded joints: theory and experimentp. 123
Acoustic emission
Impact damage detection and evaluation in graphite epoxy motorcases (GEM)p. 131
Gear defect diagnosis using acoustic emissionp. 137
On the characterization of acoustic emission activity generated by continuous fibres breakagep. 143
Fracture behaviour and damage mechanisms identification of SiC/Glass ceramic composites using DEN specimens and AE monitoringp. 151
Valve condition monitoring of reciprocating compressors using acoustic emissionp. 157
On-stream monitoring of process plantp. 163
Advanced acoustic emission for on-stream inspection of petrochemical vesselsp. 167
Robustness of acoustic emission technique for bearing diagnosisp. 173
Infrared methods
Ultrasound Burst Phase Thermography (UBP)--Advances by ultrasound frequency modulationp. 179
Contrast enhancement of nonlinear photothermal radiometry in composite materialsp. 185
Vibrational methods
Crack identification in beam and plate structures using wavelet analysisp. 193
Vibration damping as an NDE tool for woven carbon fabric laminatesp. 199
Quantitative determination of micro crack density in composites and polymers by X-ray refraction topographyp. 207
High energy X-ray imagery on large or dense objects: definition and performance studies of measurement devices by simulationp. 211
Magnetic techniques
Non-destructive method for the measurement of stress in bent pipesp. 219
Relaxation times in magneto-thermal NDTp. 225
Application of the magnetic Barkhausen noise to determination of hardness and residual-stress variations in hardened surface layersp. 233
Material characterisation
Stress wave propagation in fresh mortarp. 241
Low temperature transitions used as a non-destructive indication of durability in fibre-reinforced polymersp. 247
Determining the in-situ tensile properties of pipelines using the automated ball indentation (ABI) techniquep. 253
Health monitoring
Non-destructive testing for health monitoring of adaptive structuresp. 261
Validation of damage detection techniques for automatic structural health monitoring during fatigue testsp. 265
Acoustic emission for periodic inspection of composite wrapped pressure vesselsp. 271
NDT of civil engineering structures
Condition assessment of concrete half joint bridgesp. 281
DIC for damage detection at the surface of a pre-stressed concrete beam under static loadingp. 287
A combined experimental-numerical study of tensile behaviour of limestonep. 295
Non-destructive inspection method for evaluating conditions of reinforced concrete structures after extreme influencep. 301
Special techniques
Real-time photoelastic stress analysis--a new dynamic photo-elastic methodp. 309
Automated fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) system is triple Ap. 313
Detection of defect applying conductivity measured by Eddy currentp. 317
Risk-based investigation of steel reinforcement corrosion using the AeCORR techniquep. 321
Use of wavelet packet transform for signal analysis in adhesive bond testingp. 327
Surveillance of gas assisted injection moulding process by means of microwavesp. 333
Applying pulsed eddy current in detection and characterisation of defectp. 337
Special applications
Feasibility of using earth-bounded NDT techniques for the space environmentp. 345
Non-contact ultrasound imaging for foreign object detection in cheese and poultryp. 351
Non-destructive assessment of manchego cheese texturep. 355
Acoustic testing of rectifier transformersp. 359
Education for humantarian deminingp. 363
Author indexp. 367