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The complete guide to networking and Network+
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Clifton Park, NY : Thomson Delmar Learning, 2004


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Clear-cut and easy to read, The Complete Guide to Networking and Network+ prepares readers for CompTIA's Network + Exam. Ideal for aspiring information and electronics technicians, this text teached readers how to install, configure, and troubleshoot computer networks. Topics match Network + exam objectives and each OSI layer is given its own chapter covering protocols and hardware. Real-world situations are presented to show how networking professionals solve common networking problems. This book is suitable for classes specializing in certification preparation, and also for use as a standard textbook and reference on basic networking technology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Some Raw Basics of Networking
Chapter 2 Clients and Servers ? Who?s the Boss?
Chapter 3 The Highways and Byways of the Network
Chapter 4 Welcome to OSI
Chapter 5 Understanding the Physical Layer
Chapter 6 The Data Link Layer
Chapter 7 The Network Layer
Chapter 8 The Transport Layer
Chapter 9 Session Layer
Chapter 10 The Application and Presentation Layer
Chapter 11 An Introduction to TCP/IP
Chapter 12 Using TCP/IP on the Network
Chapter 13 The Other Protocols
Chapter 14 Working with Remote Access
Chapter 15 Working with Network Security
Chapter 16 Data Recovery and Fault Tolerance
Chapter 17 Planning a Network Installation
Chapter 18 Network Documentation and Scheduled Maintenance
Chapter 19 Troubleshooting the Network
Chapter 20 Navigating the Internet