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Axiomatic quality : integrating axiomatic design with six-sigma, reliability, and quality engineering
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Interscience, 2005


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The first book to integrate axiomatic design and robust design fora comprehensive quality approach

As the adoption of quality methods grows across various industries,its implementation is challenged by situations where statisticaltools are inadequate, yet the earlier a proactive quality system isintroduced into a given process, the greater the payback thesemethods will yield.

Axiomatic Quality brings together two well-established theories,axiomatic design and robust design, to eliminate or reduce bothconceptual and operational weaknesses. Providing a completeframework for immediate implementation, this book guides designteams in producing systems that operate at high-quality levels foreach of their design requirements. And it shows the way towardsachieving the Six-Sigma target--six times the standard deviationcontained between the target and each side of the specificationlimits--for each requirement.

This book develops an aggressive axiomatic quality approachthat:
* Provides the tools to reduce conceptual weaknesses of systemsusing a framework called the conceptual design for capability
* Reduces operational weaknesses of systems in terms of qualitylosses and control costs
* Uses mathematical relationships to bridge the gap betweenscience-based engineering and quality methods

Acclaro DFSS Light, a Java-based software package that implementsaxiomatic design processes, is available for download from a Wileyftp site. Acclaro DFSS Light is a software product of AxiomaticDesign Solutions, Inc.

Laying out a comprehensive approach while working through eachaspect of its implementation, Axiomatic Quality is an essentialresource for managers, engineers, and other professionals who wantto successfully deploy the most advanced methodology to tacklesystem weaknesses and improve quality.

Author Notes

BASEM SAID EL-HAIK, PhD, is Director of Textron Six-Sigma and Transformation at Textron Inc., where he is responsible for design of Six-Sigma and Six-Sigma deployment, including Black Belt waves, champions, and projects. He is a coauthor of Design for Six- Sigma: A Roadmap for Product Development. Dr. El-Haik also lectures and researches extensively on axiomatic design, robust design, Six-Sigma, and state-of-the-art quality methods.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 Axiomatic Design Method.
Chapter 3 The Independence Axiom.
Chapter 4 The Information Axiom and Design Complexity.
Chapter 5 Quality Engineering: An Axiomatic Perspective.
Chapter 6 The Axiomatic Quality & Reliability Process.
Chapter 7 Axiomatic Quality Process Concept Selection Process.
Chapter 8 The Conceptual Design for Capability (CDFC) Phase
Chapter 9 Axiomatic Quality Optimization Phase
Chapter 10 The Low Pass Filter Axiomatic Quality Case Study
Chapter 11 The Axiomatic Reliability