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Global broadcasting systems
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Boston, MA : Focal Press, 1996
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This is the first book in more than a decade to provide a comprehensive look at broadcasting throughout the world. It covers every continent, region and almost every country in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceana. Within each geographical area and nation Global Broadcasting Systems presents the history, key issues, trends and status of key broadcasting issues. Global Broadcasting Systems discusses how new technology and political, social, and economic factors are creating the global media village. It shows how increasing privatisation has changed patterns of control and access, especially by the rapidly growing media giants. It compares the problems and potentials of have and have-not countries, and also includes schedules, charts, photos and several special essays on selected countries. Robert Hilliard is a professor at Emerson College and lectures worldwide on broadcasting systems. He was Chief of the Educational (Public) Broadcasting Branch of the FCC and Chair of the Federal Interagency Media Committee. Michael C. Keith is a professor at Boston College and was Director of Education at the Museum of Broadcasting Communications in Chicago.

Author Notes

Michael C. Keith, Ph.D., ranks among the most prolific authors on the subject of broadcast media, in particular radio. He is a member of the Communication Department at Boston College and is author of over twenty books, including Voices in the Purple Haze, Signals in the Air, Talking Radio, Radio Cultures , and Sounds in the Dark . With Robert Hilliard he has co-authored The Broadcast Century and Beyond, Waves of Rancor, Dirty Discourse, Global Broadcasting Systems , and The Hidden Screen . With Christopher Sterling he co-authored Sounds of Change: FM Broadcasting in America . In addition, he is the author of numerous journal articles and has served in a number of editorial positions. He is the past Chair of Education for the Museum of Broadcast Communications, the inaugural chair of the Broadcast Education Association's Radio Division, and a former broadcaster. He is the recipient of several honors, including the Distinguished Scholar Award given by the Broadcast Education Association in 2008, and the Stanton Fellow Award given by the International Radio Television Society. He is the author of a critically acclaimed memoir, The Next Better Place: A Father and Son on the Road (Algonquin Press), in 2003. Visit the author's website:
Robert L. Hilliard, Ph.D., is Professor of Media Arts and former Dean of Graduate Studies at Emerson College. He was Chief of the Educational/Public Broadcasting Branch of the F.C.C., Chair of the Federal Interagency Media Committee, and a former broadcasting writer and producer. Among his 25 books on the media is the classic Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media, now in its 7th edition. With Michael C. Keith he coauthored Global Broadcasting Systems and Waves of Rancor, which was named by President Clinton to his 1999 yearly reading list of 12 books. Hilliard's latest book is Media, Education, and America's Counter-Culture Revolution.

Table of Contents

The world telecommunications revolution
World systems overview
Control and regulation of world systems
Financing global electronic media
Broadcast programming worldwide
Freedom and world broadcasting
External services and organisations