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Environmental science : earth as a living planet
Personal Author:
7th ed.
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Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley ; Chichester : John Wiley [distributor], 2010
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xxviii, 665 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.


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30000010236387 GE105 B67 2010 f Open Access Book Book

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For more than two decades, Botkin has helped environmental scientists apply ecological science to environmental management. Updated and revised to include the latest research in the field, the seventh edition continues to present a balanced analytical and interdisciplinary approach to the field. It emphasizes the scientific process throughout to develop critical thinking skills. The material has been streamlined to bring the issues and the science to the forefront. The new design and updated images help to highlight key points. Five central themes are also presented to help environmental scientists think about the issues: Human Population Growth, Sustainability, A Global Perspective, An Urban World, and Science and Values.

Table of Contents

1 Key Themes in Environmental Sciences
2 Science as a Way of Knowing: Critical Thinking about the Environment
3 The Big Picture: Systems of Change
4 The Human Population and the Environment
5 The Biogeochemical Cycles
6 Ecosystems and Ecosystem Management
7 Biological Diversity
8 Biogeography
9 Biological Productivity and Energy Flow
10 Ecological Restoration
11 Producing Enough Food for the World: How Agriculture Depends on Environment
12 Effects of Agriculture on the Environment
13 Forests, Parks, and Landscapes
14 Wildlife, Fisheries, and Endangered Species
15 Environmental Health, Pollution, and Toxicology
16 Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
17 Energy: Some Basics
18 Fossil Fuels and the Environment
19 Alternative Energy and the Environment
20 Nuclear Energy and the Environment
21 Water Supply, Use, and Management
22 Water Pollution and Treatment
23 The Atmosphere, Climate, and Global Warming
24 Air Pollution and Ozone Depletion
25 Indoor Air Pollution
26 Minerals and the Environment
27 Dollars and Environmental Sense: Economics of Environmental Issues
28 Urban Environments
29 Waste Management
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