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Sustainable membrane technology for energy, water, and environment
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Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012
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xxi, 327 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Papers presented at the 7th International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 13-15, 2009.

Includes bibliographical references and index


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A detailed look at the most recent developments in sustainablemembrane technology for use in energy, water, and the environment

A collection of twenty-seven groundbreaking papers on importantideas about the development of membrane science and technology, Sustainable Membrane Technology for Energy, Water, andEnvironment brings together contributions from leadinginternational experts in one comprehensive volume. Covering thelatest developments and most innovative ideas in the field, thisbook is a unique resource for understanding the growing interest inusing membranes across several industries.

Divided into six chapters that cover new membrane materials andmembrane development; membrane applications for gas and vaporseparation; membrane applications in water treatment; environmentalapplications of membranes; energy applications of membranes; andother industrial membrane applications, the book looks at thecurrent and emerging applications for membrane science andtechnology in detail. As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) and the Middle East emerge as the next generation ofmembrane research and development centers, in part due to theirneed for water and natural gas production technology, this bookprovides invaluable insights into the cutting-edge work takingplace in these regions. Additional topics covered also include newmembrane materials, membrane applications for food processing, andmuch more.

Designed for engineers, scientists, professors, and graduatestudents who are engaged in membrane R&D activities, as well asfor anyone interested in sustainable development, SustainableMembrane Technology for Energy, Water, and Environment is acutting-edge look at membrane applications.

Author Notes

Ahmad Fauzi Ismail is a Professor in the Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering, and founder and head of the Advanced Membrane Technology Research Center (AMTEC) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Currently he is the Dean of Research for the Materials and Manufacturing Research Alliance, UTM. He is the Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia. Prof. Ismail is the Co-Editor of Desalination: The International Journal on Science and Technology of Desalting and Water Purification Prof Ismail has published, more than 200 papers in refereed journals and more than 10 book chapters.
Takkshi Matsuura is a Distinguished. Visiting Professor at UTM and a Professor Emeritus the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is also a former member of the National Research Council of Canada. Prof. Matsuura is one of the prominent scientists in membrane science and technology for his enormous contributions in the field. He is one of the pioneers of nanofiber membrane applications for water treatment. His work has inspired an entire generation of membrane scientists and process engineers to apply fundamental scientific engineering principles in order to develop and deploy fouling and scaling monitoring and prevention methods: Prof Matsuura has published over 350 papers in refereed journals.

Table of Contents

Nurmin Bolong and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail and Mohd Razman SalimGangasalam Arthanareeswaran and Radhe Shyam ThakurSiti Nur Hidayah Mohamad and Norhayati Pa'e and Abdul Halim Mohammad Yusof and Ida Idayu MuhamadNora'aini Ali and Nurbaiti Abdul Hanid and Asmadi Ali and Ahmad Jusoh and Marinah AriffinAgung Mataram and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail and Takeshi MatsuuraShinji Kanehashi and Shuichi Sato and Kazukiyo NagaiShuichi Sato and Sou Miyata and Shinji Kanehashi and Kazukiyo NagaiGhader Khanbabaei and JamalAalaei and Ali RahmatpourAbdul Latif Ahmad and Sani N. A. Abdullah and Sharif Hussein Sharif ZeinDevaraj Veerasamy and Zairossani Mohd NorBinyam Seyoum and Hilmi Mukhtar and Kok Keong LauAzadeh Ghaee and Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar and Jalal BarzinMehdi Yazdanshenas and Seyyed Ali Reza Tabatabaei Nejad and Mohammad Soltanieh and Luc FillaudeauMahdi Khosravi and Gagik Badalians Gholikandi and Hamid Reza TashaoueiMohd Marsin Sanagi and Yanuardi Raharjo and Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim and Ahmedy Abu Naim and Syairah Salleh and Mazidatulakmam MiskamAmir Mansourizadeh and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail and Mohammad Ali AroonAbdul Latif Ahmad and SunartiAbd Rahman and W. James Noel FernandoKhairul Sozana Nor Kamarudin and Inamullah BhattiNorasikin Othman and Norlisa Mill and Ani Idris and Siti Nazrah ZailaniFawzi Banat and Mohammed Al-JarrahYing Chang and Chulsung BaeJuhana Jaafar and Ahmad Fauzi IsmailTutuk Joko Kusworo and Abdullah Busairi and Ahmad Fauzi Ismail and Azeman Mustafa and BudiyonoRahimah Othman and Abdul Wahab Mohammad and Manal Ismail and Jumat SalimonMohd Ghazali Mohd Nawawi and NurAzrini Ramlee and Fathie Ahmad ZakilYin Fong Yeong and Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah and Abdul Latif Ahmad and Subhash BhatiaRosalam Sarbatly and Chel-Ken Chiam
Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xi
Contributorsp. xv
Part I Membrane Material and Membrane Developmentp. 1
1 Spinning Effect of Polyethersulfone Hollow Fiber Membrane Prepared by Water or Polyvinylpyrrolidone in Ternary Formulationp. 3
2 Effect of Inorganic Particle on the Performance of Polyethersulfone-Cellulose Acetate Ultrafiltration Membranesp. 11
3 Characterizations of Newly Developed Bacterial Cellulose-Chitosan Membrane with Pyrrolinep. 29
4 Effect of Posttreatment to Enhance the Performance of Nanofiltration Asymmetric Membrane in Atrazine-Herbicide Removing Processp. 41
5 Polyacrylonitrile Nanofiber Assembled by Electrospiruiing: Effect of Dope Concentrations on the Structural and Pore Characterizationsp. 51
Part II Applications in Gas and Vapor Treatmentp. 59
6 Polymer Structures and Carbon Dioxide Permeation Properties in Polymer Membranesp. 61
7 Gas Permeability and Electrical Properties of 6FDA-Based Polyimide Membranesp. 75
8 Polymeric Nanocomposite Membranes for Gas Separationp. 87
9 Preparation of Perovskite Titania Ceramic Membrane by Sol-Gel Methodp. 95
Part III Applications in Water Treatmentp. 105
10 Fouling Characteristics and Cleaning Strategies of a PVDF Tubular Ultrafiltration Membrane in Natural Rubber Skim Latex Concentration Processp. 107
11 Removal of Diethanolamine (DEA) from Wastewater Using Membrane Separation Processesp. 123
12 The Effect of Chitosan Membrane Preparation Parameters on Removal of Copper Ionsp. 143
13 Analysis of Fouling and Flux Behavior in Cross-Flow Microfiltration of Nonalcoholic Beer by Ceramic Membranep. 157
14 Comparison and Upgrading of Wastewater Treatment Plants for Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse by Means of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technologyp. 169
Part IV Applications in Environmentp. 179
15 Surface Treatment and Characterization of Polypropylene Hollow Fibers by Sol-Gel Method for Liquid Phase Microextractionp. 181
16 Effect of Different Additives on the Properties and Performance of Porous Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membranes for CO 2 Absorptionp. 191
17 Absorption of Carbon Dioxide through Flat-Sheet Membranes Using Various Aqueous Liquid Absorbentsp. 203
18 Preparation and Characterization of W/O Emulsion Liquid Membrane Containing Diethanolamine (DEA) for Carbon Dioxide Separation from Gas Mixturesp. 211
19 Removal of Dyes from Liquid Waste Solution: Study on Liquid Membrane Component Selection and Stabilityp. 221
Part V Applications in Energyp. 231
20 Modeling and Analysis of Solar-Powered Membrane Distillation Unit for Seawater Desalinationp. 233
21 Polystyrene Ionomers Functionalized with Partially Fluorinated Short Side-Chain Sulfonic Acid for Fuel Cell Membrane Applicationsp. 243
22 Contribution of Nanoclays to the Barrier Properties of SPEEK/CIoisite15A® Nanocomposite Membrane for DMFC Applicationp. 251
23 Purification of Biogas Using Carbon Nanotubes Mixed Matrix Membrane: Effect of Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Using Silane Agentp. 267
24 Selectivity of Polymeric Solvent Resistant Nanofiltration Membranes for Biodiesel Separationp. 277
Part VI Other Industrial Applicationsp. 289
25 Pervaporation Performance of Methyl Tert Buthyl Ether/Methanol Mixtures through Natural Rubber/Polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Network Membranesp. 291
26 P-Xylene Separation from Ternary Xylene Mixture Over Silicalite-1 Membrane: Process Optimizationp. 299
27 Ammonia Removal from Saline Water by Direct Contact Membrane Distillationp. 309
Indexp. 319