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CCNP practical studies : switching
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Cisco Press practical studies series
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Indianapolis, IN : Cisco Press, 2004


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Built upon the concepts central to their respective Cisco Systems certification exams, these practical guides shows networking students how to apply the theoretical knowledge for both exam preparation and improved concept comprehension. The scenarios guide students through exercises designed for use on networking labs.

Author Notes

Justin Menga , CCIE No. 6640, is a Network Solutions Architect for Compaq Computer NZ in the Wireless and E-Infrastructure unit of Compaq Professional services and has over five years experience in the IT industry. Mr. Menga is responsible for the design, implementation, and expert-level support of complex networking, security and voice solutions for enterprise customers and service providers.

Table of Contents

1 Switching Connectivity
Introduction to Cisco Catalyst Switches
Scenario 1-1 Installing a Cisco Catalyst Switch onto the Network
Scenario 1-2 Configuring Network Management Access to the Switch
Scenario 1-3 Configuring Ethernet Device Connectivity
Scenario 1-4 Configuring System Time
Scenario 1-5 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Device Connectivity
2 VLAN Operations
Scenario 2-1 Understanding Transparent Bridging
Scenario 2-2 Configuring VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
Scenario 2-3 Configuring VLANs
Scenario 2-4 Configuring the Management VLAN
Scenario 2-5 Configuring Extended-Range VLANs
3 Trunking and Bandwidth Aggregation
Scenario 3-1 Configuring VLAN Trunking Protocol
Scenario 3-2 Configuring Trunking between Switches
Scenario 3-3 VTP Pruning
Scenario 3-4 Configuring EtherChannel
4 Spanning Tree
Scenario 4-1 Configuring the Root Bridge
Scenario Prerequisites
Scenario 4-2 Configuring STP Load Sharing
Scenario Prerequisites
Scenario 4-3 Configuring Root Guard
Scenario 4-4 Configuring Spanning Tree PortFast
Scenario 4-5 Configuring PortFast BPDU Guard
Scenario 4-6 Configuring PortFast BPDU Filter
Scenario 4-7 Configuring UplinkFast
Scenario 4-8 Configuring BackboneFast
Scenario 4-9 Improving Convergence and Load Sharing by Using a Multilayer Topology
Scenario 4-10 Troubleshooting Spanning Tree
5 Inter-VLAN Routing
Inter-VLAN Routing Architectures
Multilayer LAN Design
Scenario 5-1 Configuring Basic IP Routing
Scenario 5-2 Configuring Layer 3 Switching
Scenario Prerequisites
Scenario 5-3
6 Layer 3 Switching
Introduction to Layer 3 Switching
Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500 Switch Architecture
Scenario 6-1 Configuring MLS on the Catalyst 6000
Scenario 6-2 Configuring CEF-based Layer 3 Switching on the Catalyst 6000/6500
Scenario 6-3 Upgrading from Hybrid Mode to Native Mode on the Catalyst 6000/6500
Scenario 6-4 Configuring CEF-Based Layer 3 Switching on the Catalyst 6000/6500
7 Multicast Routing and Switching
Scenario 7-1 Configuring PIM Dense Mode Multicast Routing
Scenario 7-2 Configuring PIM Sparse Mode and PIM Sparse-Dense Mode Multicast Routing
Scenario 7-3 Multicast Traffic Control on the LAN
Scenario 7-4 Configuring IGMP Snooping
Scenario 7-5 Configuring Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP)
8 Traffic Filtering and Security
Securing Management Access
Securing Network Access
Traffic Filtering
Scenario 8-1 Securing the Management Interface
Scenario 8-2 Enhancing Security by Using AAA
Scenario 8-3 Securing Device Access
Scenario 8-4 Securing LAN Segments
9 Quality of Service
Introducing to QoS. Implementing Quality of Service on Cisco Switches
Scenario 9-1 Configuring QoS Features
10 Maintenance, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
Scenario 10-1 Using IP and LAN Connectivity Tools
Scenario 10-2 Troubleshooting Workstation Startup Problems
Scenario 10-3 Troubleshooting the errDisable Status
Scenario 10-4 Password Recovery
Scenario 10-5 File Management on Cisco Catalyst Switches
Scenario 10-6 Capturing Traffic Using SPAN, RSPAN, and VACLs
11 Comprehensive Switching Self-Study L