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Cover image for The great telecom meltdown / Fred R. Goldstein
The great telecom meltdown / Fred R. Goldstein
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Artech House telecommunications library
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Boston, MA : Artech House, 2005


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30000004300459 HE7631 G64 2005 Open Access Book

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In today's telecom business environment, a thorough and accurate understanding of past mistakes goes a long way in ensuring future success. Providing readers with an authoritative account of what contributed to the Great Telecom Crash, this insightful resource explores the roots of the perfect storm that buffeted telecom and Internet companies and investors. Professionals get a detailed insider's look at how the crash was caused by a complex combination of risk and regulatory factors in an increasingly competitive environment, originally fueled by the break up of AT&T. The book offers a solid understanding of the evolving structure of the information, communications and telecom industries, and how companies and sectors within these industries relate to each other. Professionals gain insight into identifying sound long-term investment strategies and avoiding fads with unsound fundamentals.

Author Notes

Fred R. Goldstein is the principal of Ionary Consulting.

Table of Contents

Ma Bell and her "Natural Monopoly", 1876-1969 the Rebirth of Competition
Divestiture: Equal Access and Chinese Walls. the Internet Boom and the Limits to Growth. the Deuteronomy Networks
Losing by Winning: Wireless and the License Auctions
Competition Access Providers, the Costly Way to Local Competition
DLECs and ELECs, an Exercise in Extreme Oversupply
CLECs' Winning Strategies Are Met by Rule Changes
Focus on the Bottom Line
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