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Earthquakes and acoustic emission
Balkema-proceedings and monographs in engineering, water and earth sciences
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Leiden, The Netherlands : Taylor & Francis, 2007
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x, 199 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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Papers from Special Sessions at the 11th International Conference on Fracture, Torino (Italy), in March 2005


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Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of energy during the fracture of stressed rock within the Earth's crust. This phenomenon is similar to that which occurs in materials under load, and although they take place on very different scales, these two phenomena - earthquakes in geophysics and damage in structural materials - have similarities. In both cases, there is a release of elastic energy from sources located inside a medium. These are selected papers from special sessions at the 11th International Conference on Fracture, held in Turin in 2005. They provide an outline of topics related to earthquakes and Acoustic Emission, and discuss the latest developments in this area. The papers have been divided into two categories: Seismic Mechanics & Earthquakes and Structural Failure & Acoustic Emission. Earthquakes and Acoustic Emission will serve as a useful supplementary textbook for postgraduates, while being of special interest to professionals in the field of earthquakes and acoustic emission.

Table of Contents

C.H. ScholzJ.-P. AmpueroR. MadariagaV. Lyakhovsky and Y. Ben-ZionJ.-P. Vilotte and G. FestaG. Chambon and J. Schmittbuhl and A. CorfdirA. Ziv and A. Cochard and J. SchmittbuhlJ. Schmittbuhl and G. Chambon and A. Hansen and M. BouchonS.M. Rubinstein and G. Cohen and J. FinebergD. Coker and G. Lykotrafitis and A. Needleman and A.J. RosakisM. OhtsuA. Parisi and R.C. BallS. Ciliberto and S. Deschanel and A. Guarino and S. Santucci and R. Scorretti and L. VanelV.S. Kuksenko and E.E. DamaskinskayaL.I. Salminen and J. Rosti and J.M. Pulakka and M.J. AlavaF. Uddin A.K.M. and M. OhtsuT. Suzuki and G. Komeno and M. OhtsuH.W. Reinhardt and F. Finck and C. Grosse and J. KurzM.R. Tyutin and L.R. Botvina and N.A. Zharkova and T.B. Petersen and J.A. HudsonB. Shafiq and A. Quispitupa and F. JustM. Enoki and S. NishinoiriO. Stephansson and S. Stanchits and T. Backers and G. Dresen and B. ShenT. Shiotani and X. Luo and H. Haya and M. OhtsuA. Carpinteri and G. Lacidogna
Prefacep. IX
1 Seismic Mechanics and Earthquakes
1.1 Earthquake phenomenology and dynamics
The Scaling of Geological Faultsp. 3
Effects of Nonlinear Weakening on Earthquake Source Scalingsp. 9
Seismic Energy Radiation from Dynamic Faultingp. 17
Damage Rheology Model and Decay Law of Aftershock Activityp. 23
Spectral Element Simulation of Rupture Dynamicsp. 33
1.2 Mechanics of friction and faulting
Non-Linear Slip-Weakening in a Rotary Gouge Friction Experimentp. 43
Does Elastic Rebound Theory Apply to Seismic Faults?p. 51
Correlations of Stress Distributions Along the Fault: From Laboratory Fracture Roughness to Fault Asperity Squeezep. 57
Detachment Waves and the Onset of Frictional Slipp. 65
Crack-Like and Pulse-Like Dynamic Frictional Slidingp. 71
2 Structural Failure and Acoustic Emission
2.1 AE theoretical studies
Identification of Microcracking Process in Fracture Process Zone by AEp. 79
Consequences of Acoustic Emission on Crack Speed and Roughness Exponent in Brittle Dynamic Fracturep. 89
Failure Time, Critical Behaviour and Activation Processes in Crack Formationp. 95
Response of Fracture Nucleation Site to Weak Mechanical Pulsesp. 103
Fracture in Two Dimensions (in Paper): Acoustic Emission Studies and Theoretical Lessonsp. 109
2.2 AE testing on concrete and concrete structures
Micromechanics of Corrosion Cracking in Reinforced Concrete by AEp. 119
Damage Mechanics of Carbonated Concrete by AE Rate-Process Analysisp. 129
Brazilian Test of Concrete Evaluated by AEp. 139
2.3 AE testing on steel, composites and other materials
Evolution of Damage Accumulation in Low-Carbon Steel in Tension Conditionp. 149
Fatigue Performance of Sandwich Compositesp. 155
On-Process Monitoring of Ceramics and Ceramic Coatings by Laser AEp. 163
Fracturing, Acoustic Emission, and Numerical Simulation of Granite Under Mode II Loadingp. 171
2.4 AE structural monitoring and damage assessment
Damage Quantification for Concrete Structures by Improved b-Value Analysis of AEp. 181
Structural Monitoring and Life-Time Assessment of Medieval Towersp. 191
Author indexp. 201