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Policy-driven mobile ad hoc network management
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Wiley series in telecommunications and signal processing
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Interscience, 2008
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"This book should be immensely interesting to those trying todecide what MANET research is worth undertaking and why."
-J. Christopher Ramming, Program Manager, Defense AdvancedResearch

Projects Agency (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office

A thorough, comprehensive treatment of mobile ad hoc networkmanagement

Mobile ad hoc networking is a hot topic, gaining importance in bothcommercial and military arenas. Now that the basics in the fieldhave settled and standards are emerging, the time is right for abook on management of these networks. From two experts in thefield, Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management providescomprehensive coverage of the management challenges associated withmobile ad hoc networks(MANETs) and includes an in-depth discussionof how policy-based network management can be used for increasingautomation in the management of mobile ad hoc networks.

This book provides readers with a complete understanding of mobilead hoc network management and many related topics, including:

?Network management requirements for MANETs, with an emphasis onthe differences between the management requirements for MANETs ascompared to static, wireline networks

?The use of policies for managing MANETs to increase automation andto tie together management components via policies

?Policy conflict detection and resolution

?Aspects of MANETs that need to be configured and reconfigured atall layers of the protocol stack

?Methodologies for providing survivability in the face of both hardand soft failures in MANETs

?The components of a Quality of Service (QoS) management solutionfor MANETs based on the widely used Differentiated Services(DiffServ) paradigm

?Important open research issues in the area of MANETmanagement

Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management is an ideal resourcefor professionals, researchers, and advanced graduate students inthe field of IP network management who are interested in mobile adhoc networks.

Author Notes

Ritu Chadha, PhD, is Chief Scientist and Director of the PolicyManagement Research Group in Applied Research at Telcordia. She iscurrently leading multiple projects addressing network managementchallenges for military ad hoc networks. Dr. Chadha is a well-knownexpert in the area of policy-based network management and haspresented numerous tutorials and papers on the subject at industryconferences.

Latha Kant, PhD, is a Senior Scientist and Director in theMobility Management Research Department in Applied Research atTelcordia. Dr. Kant has presented and published in over fortyconferences and journals, and holds a patent on self-healingmechanisms in packet-switched networks.

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Policy Terminology
Chapter 3 Policy Languages and Frameworks
Chapter 4 Policy Conflict Detection and Resolution
Chapter 5 Policy-Based Network Management
Chapter 6 Configuration Management
Chapter 7 Fault Management
Chapter 8 Performance Management
Chapter 9 Security Management
Chapter 10 Concluding Remarks
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